Älskar älskar inte

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Älskar älskar inte DVD cover.

Movie (1995)
English title: Against the Odds

Thomas Hanzon (Patrik)
Camilla Lundén (Mia)
Mats Långbacka (Kjell)
Martina Uusma (Nora)

A maverick pilot must learn to live with disability.

Eurocopter Super Puma HKP 10

270895-helikopter1 (500x290).jpg
270896-helikopter3 (500x290).jpg

"Désirée" was built in France in 1988 and wears the tactical code 92 (s/n 2247).

Aérospatiale AS 332 M1 Super Puma (HKP 10) s/n 2247.

With some Saab 37 Viggen in the background.

I349502 (500x290).jpg

Lockheed C-130H Hercules TP 84

270898-hercules1 (500x290).jpg

Saab 37 Viggen

270881-viggen2 (500x290).jpg
270886-viggen7 (500x290).jpg
270889-viggen9 (500x290).jpg
270890-viggen10 (500x290).jpg
270892-viggen12 (500x290).jpg

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