A la conquête du pôle

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Last updated on 04 December 2015.

A la conquête du pôle movie poster.

Movie (1912)
English title : The Conquest of the Pole
German title : Die Entdeckung des Nordpols
Spanish title : A la conquista del polo
Russian title : Завоевание полюса

Georges Méliès (Professor Maboul / Dr Ingenieur Klaps)
Fernande Albany (suffragette)

Intense debate between world Congressionists : the race to the North Pole is open but by which way ? On the ground (by road ? by train ? by sleigh ?) or on the sea (using a steamer or a submarine or a yacht ?). Maybe by airship or a balloon ? Professor Maboul (literraly "Crazy" or "Nuts") submits an Aerobus which gains unanimity. Preparations are quickly done and the flight is long (8 minutes on 30 minutes for the whole movie) but victory is in sight. Damned ! the aérobus is broken at landing and the international crew is endangered by a frost giant. Their salvation comes from the skies and everyone could congratulate each other at the French Aéro-club's banquet.

(coming soon) 1912 is a key year in aviation. Aeroplanes are still rare but progress are fast. Please read the discussion tab to help you understand how Méliès could right or wrong in this fantasy.

Fictional Aircraft

Most of the aircraft and flying machines and balloons and airships are fictional although a handful can evoke some real production.
Let's try to detail them. (coming soon)

Melies-1912 balloon.jpg


Melies-1912 aerobus.jpg
Melies-1912 aerobus2.jpg
Melies-1912 aerobus3.jpg
Melies-1912 aerobus4.jpg
Melies-1912 aerobus5.jpg
Melies-1912 aerobus cockpit.jpg

Poster about a monoplane's plan view and Ader Avion and Farman's biplane.

Melies-1912 office.jpg

Airship, balloon and aircraft held in the ceiling of the factory.

Melies-1912 factory.jpg

Aéroscaphe - used by the suffragettes (women activists refused by men in their project).

Melies-1912 aeroscaphe.jpg

Hydrogen balloon.

Melies-1912 balloon2.jpg

Aerial traffic.

Melies-1912 FlightJam.jpg
Melies-1912 Flight2.jpg

Airship's nacelle of the rescue team.

Melies-1912 airship.jpg

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