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This page is about the 1984 TV Movie. For the 1984-1986 TV Series, see Airwolf (TV Series).

Airwolf the Movie blu-ray box.

TV Movie (1984)

Jan-Michael Vincent (Stringfellow Hawke)
Ernest Borgnine (Dominic)
Alex Cord (Michael Coldsmith Briggs III)
Belinda Bauer (Gabrielle Ademaur)
David Hemmings (Dr. Charles Henry Moffet)

A reclusive pilot is blackmailed into retrieving a high tech helicopter when its deranged creator steals it and defects to Libya.

Bell 222 (Modified)

Airwolf - A high tech weapons equipped helicopter.

AirwolfMovie Bell 222 4.jpg
AirwolfMovie Bell 222 5.jpg
AirwolfMovie Bell 222 6.jpg
AirwolfMovie Bell 222 7.jpg
AirwolfMovie Bell 222 9.jpg

Bell 206B JetRanger III

The Santini air chopper.
Registration N2044C; Construction Number 3363.
Same helicopter in other productions at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

AirwolfMovie Bell JetRanger 3.jpg
AirwolfMovie Bell JetRanger 2.jpg
AirwolfMovie Bell JetRanger 4.jpg
AirwolfMovie Bell JetRanger.jpg

Hughes 369D

369s are used in three scenes. Firstly two 369s modified as gunships are used in a demonstration of Airwolf's abilities at the beginning of the film.

AirwolfMovie Hughes 369 4.jpg
AirwolfMovie Hughes 369 2.jpg

Later another 369 appears as a fake Sheriff's chopper used in a TV series and supplied by Santini air. The actor claims he can fly without Hawke's help. He then procedes to make a fool of himself. Hawke then takes the controls and makes a serious of spectacular maneuvers.
Registration N58428, Serial 1290624D, also seen in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

AirwolfMovie 2nd Hughes 369 5.jpg
AirwolfMovie 2nd Hughes 369 3.jpg

Finally, when Hawke and Dominic steal Airwolf back from the Libyans the Libyan forces pursue in 369s converted into gunships. There are a series of dogfights between the 369s and Airwolf. Three are shot down by Airwolf's weapons. Hawke refers to them as Russian supplied TU-36 Dodgers - a fictional model of aircraft.

AirwolfMovie 3rd Hughes 369 3.jpg
AirwolfMovie 3rd Hughes 369 5.jpg

Bell 206B LongRanger

Used by Coldsmith and Gabrielle to travel to Hawke's home.

AirwolfMovie Bell LongRanger 2.jpg
Bell LongRanger.jpg

Dassault Mystère IV

Referred to as a 'Mirage II' belonging to the French Air Force - Once again a fictional model of aircraft as Dassault never actually made any examples of the mooted Mirage II design before moving onto the Mirage III.
Blown up by the mentally unhinged Moffet on request of a Libyan General.

AirwolfMovie French Jet 3.jpg
AirwolfMovie French Jet.jpg
AirwolfMovie French Jet 2.jpg
AirwolfMovie French Jet 4.jpg
AirwolfMovie French Jet 5.jpg

Grumman F-14 Tomcat

AirwolfMovie F-14 4.jpg
AirwolfMovie F-14 5.jpg
AirwolfMovie F-14.jpg

McDonnell Douglas F-15

AirwolfMovie Unidentified Aircraft.jpg
AirwolfMovie Unidentified Aircraft 2.jpg

Various Aircraft

AirwolfMovie Various Aircraft.jpg

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