Antoine et Sébastien

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Antoine et Sébastien movie poster.

Movie (1973)
English title: Antoine and Sebastian

François Périer (Antoine Brignaud)
Jacques Dutronc (Sébastien)
Ottavia Piccolo (Nathalie)
Keith Carradine (John)

Antoine, a busy sixty-something, takes a liking to young Sébastien. He would like Sébastien to become the husband of his daughter Nathalie, who is in love with an American.
Although the action is set in Gironde (southwest France), all the airfield scenes were shot at Aérodrome de La Ferté-Alais (LFFQ).

Bücker 131B Jungmann

Reg. F-BOHF Bücker 131B Jungmann c/n 83.
Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

AntoineSEb 00007.jpg
AntoineSEb 00320.jpg
AntoineSEb 05830.jpg


Bücker 131B Jungmann and Stampe SV4A chasing a Morane-Saulnier (MS.130?)

AntoineSEb 00027.jpg
AntoineSEb 00208.jpg

Note: Antoine is using the radio for air traffic control and asking to "Charly Bravo Y Z" to land immediatly. F-CBYZ is really a registration for a glider Caudron C-800 Epervier but no glider is ever seen.

Unidentified Aircraft

AntoineSEb 00047.jpg

Caudron? Maybe A C.210 or C.480?

AntoineSEb 00107.jpg

Morane-Saulnier Vanneau

Morane-Saulnier MS.472 Vanneau or Morane-Saulnier MS.474 Vanneau, the two mass-product variants powered by a Gnome-Rhône 14M piston radial engine.

AntoineSEb 00110.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Boisavia? If right, endplates on the wingtip are setup kit.

AntoineSEb 00130.jpg
AntoineSEb 00150.jpg
AntoineSEb 13219.jpg

North American (Ryan) Navion

AntoineSEb 00308.jpg

Breguet 763 Provence

Reg. F-BASO Breguet 763 Provence c/n 302 former Air France. Built during summer 1952. WFU in May 1970. Last flight (Orly to La Ferté-Alais (LFFQ)) in April 1970 where she was scrapped in 1975. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

AntoineSEb 00329.jpg
AntoineSEb 00330.jpg
AntoineSEb 00331.jpg

1907/1909 Wright Flyer (Wright A)

Engraving by Roy Cross from the book Early Aeroplanes 1907-18 (Hugh Evelyn editor, 1962) of 1907/1909 Wright Flyer (Wright Model A) besides an advertising poster of Charles-Léonce Brossé for the 1910 Nice air show (10-25 April 1910).

AntoineSEb 05517.jpg

Avro 504K & Antoinette 1909

Engraving by Roy Cross from the book Early Aeroplanes 1907-18 (Hugh Evelyn editor, 1962).
(left / right) Avro 504K, 1917 / Antoinette 1909 (aircraf wearing code 29).

AntoineSEb 05530.jpg

Nord NC.850 family

The family of Nord NC.850 derivatives was numerous. Hard to say which civil variant with only these rear view: probably NC.854 or SNCAC NC.858 as they are the most produced.

AntoineSEb 05908.jpg
AntoineSEb 13220.jpg

Stampe SV4A

Reg. F-BDMU Stampe et Vertongen SV-4A c/n 651.

AntoineSEb 05730.jpg
AntoineSEb 05940.jpg
AntoineSEb 10140.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS-892A Commodore 150

Reg. F-BPGH Morane-Saulnier MS-892A Commodore 150 c/n 10785.

AntoineSEb 13210.jpg

Robin DR-400/125 Petit Prince

Reg. F-BTKV Robin DR-400/125 Petit Prince c/n 730.

AntoineSEb 13212.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

AntoineSEb 13214.jpg

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