Ballada o bombere

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Ballada o bombere russian DVD cover.

TV Movie (2011)
Also known as : The Bomber
Russian title : Баллада о Бомбере

Nikita Efremov (Kapitan / Captain Andrey Grivtsov)
Ekaterina Astakhova (Katya)
Aleksandr Davydov (Starshiy leytenant / 1st Lieutenant Georgiy Linko)

The crew of a soviet bomber is shoot down over its lines. Despite it has shoot down the german fighter, as the plane has crashed on a ammunition stock, the crew is under the threat of the politcal commissar. Awaiting the trial, he must drop a radio behind ennemy lines in order to support Partisans. But the Tupolev is shoot down by Anti Aircraft Artilery. Surrounded, the crew is split : one could escape and join the partisan, the other choosing the german side. But the war will put them face to face ...

Tupolev Tu-2S

The Tupolev Tu-2S went into combat at the end of 1944.

TheBomber Tu-2 0h00m45s.jpg
TheBomber Tu-2 0h02m20s.jpg

The cockpit is not fully accurate.

TheBomber Tu-2 0h02m25s.jpg

Messerschmitt Me 309

What could be first taken for a Messerschmitt Bf 109 F or G ...

TheBomber Bf-309 0h01m51s.jpg

... is eventually the Messerschmitt Me 309 which flew only as prototype at the end of 1943 (four airframes built).

TheBomber Bf-309 0h01m48s.jpg
TheBomber Bf-309 0h01m45s.jpg

Mittlewerk EWM A4 Vergeltungswaffe V2

Archive footage used for this headquarters action.

TheBomber EWM-A4 0h11m35s.jpg

Such picture taken by Germans were not in Allied hands before the end of the war.

TheBomber EWM-A4 0h11m53s.jpg

Commando action shot with a green (or blue) background. A CGI rocket was later added but it’s unrealistic especially for the fins and the nozzle.

TheBomber A4 P2-1h07m18s.jpg
TheBomber A4 P2-1h07m16s.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 B Stuka

Such yellow nose is a little bit anachronistic for the second half of the Great Patriotic War !

TheBomber Ju-87 0h41m15s.jpg
TheBomber Ju-87 1h28m30s.jpg

Lisunov Li-2

TheBomber Li-2 P2-0h29m56s.jpg
TheBomber Li-2 P2-1h16m44s.jpg

Although subtly filmed, we can see this Lisunov Li-2 is unable to roll; it’s probably one of the survivors in a park or museum.

TheBomber Li-2 P2-1h17m03s.jpg
TheBomber Li-2 P2-1h17m31s.jpg

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