Behind Enemy Lines

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DVD Cover for Behind Enemy Lines.

Movie (2001)

Owen Wilson (Lt. Chris Burnett)
Gene Hackman (RADM Leslie Reigart)
Gabriel Macht (Lt. Jeremy Stackhouse)
Olek Krupa (Gen. Miroslav Lokar)
Joaquim de Almeida (ADM Juan Piquet)

When a U.S. Navy F-18 is shot down over Bosnia, photographing sensitive areas, the local military try to cover it up. It is up to the crew to survive and get the information back to their commanders, against the odds with betrayal inside their own allies.

Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet

Burnett and Stackhouse are shot down in this aircraft. It is actually from VFA-122 but carries the markings of the defunct VFA-163. ID NJ-106, Serial 165673.

BELF-18 2.jpg
BELF-18 3.jpg
BELF-18 4.jpg

Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler

Behind the F/A-18.

Lockheed S-3B Viking

On the far edge of the aircraft carrier.


Sikorsky SH-60F 'Ocean Hawk'

Used as a passenger transport, mostly for Adm. Piquet. F model distinguished by external fuel tank

BELSH-60 3.jpg

Mil Mi-17

Used by the Piquet's extraction team.

BELMI17 3.jpg
BELMI17 2.jpg

Bell UH-1 Iroquois

Used as gunship and support helicopters in Burnett's rescue.

BELUH-1 3.jpg
Firing on Bosnian troops.

Bell 412

Interestingly, the Bell 412 wasn't operated by the US Military until around 2006, when the UH-1Y was acquired by the USMC. It's distinguished by its four-bladed rotor and 'pointier' nose.

In the middle is the twin-engined Bell 412.

Bell UH-1N Twin Huey

Three of these are seen leaving the aircraft to rescue Burnett, however they appear to materialize into single-engined UH-1 Iroquois.

BELUH-1N 3.jpg
Three UH-1N leave the ship.
Twin Huey in the middle with two UH-1 Iroquoises flanking it.
Three Twin Hueys return to the ship.

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