Blue Tornado

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Blue Tornado movie poster.

Movie (1991)

Dirk Benedict (Alex Long)
Ted McGinley (Philip)
Patsy Kensit (Isabella)
David Warner (Commander)

During a training flight, a F-104 pilot crashes into the mountain. His wingman must face grief and military suspicion. Eventually, during a new mission (this time with several Tornados), the phenoma is encountered again.

Panavia Tornado IDS

Coded 36-31.

BT Tornado36-31.jpg

Lockheed F-104S Starfighter

36-02 seconds before we see 36-01.
The F-104S is really the main star of this movie and lots of other tactical codes are seen (36-15, etc...).

BT F-104 36-02.jpg
BT F-104.jpg

IAI Kfir C2

BT Kfir C2.jpg

Boeing E-3A Sentry

One of the NATO AWACS.

BT E-3A NATO.jpg

Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican

Coded 15-07.

BT HH-3F approach.jpg
BT HH-3F 15-07.jpg

Lockheed F-104S Starfighter

BT F-104 landing.jpg
BT F-104 PF.jpg
BT F-104 TO.jpg

Agusta Bell AB.212

BT twin-Huey TD.jpg

Panavia Tornado IDS

BT Tornado2.jpg
BT Tornado.jpg

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