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MSA-Malaysia–Singapore Airlines ceased operations in 1972, with its assets split between two new airlines; Malaysian Airline System (MAS), and Singapore Airlines. With the Singapore government determined to develop its airlines' international routes, it took the entire fleet of seven Boeing 707s and five Boeing 737s, which would allow it to continue serving its regional and long-haul international routes. Since most of MSA-Malaysia–Singapore Airlines's international routes were flown out of Singapore, most of the international routes were in the hands of Singapore Airlines. Malaysian Airline System (MAS) took all domestic routes within Malaysia and international routes out of that country, as well as the remaining fleet of Fokker F27's. It began flights on 1 October 1972 with 19 aircraft and soon expanded, including introducing flights from Kuala Lumpur to London.In that year, Malaysian Airline System (MAS) operated flights to more than 34 regional destinations and six international services. In 1976, after receiving its DC-10-30 aircraft, Malaysian Airline System (MAS) scheduled flights to Europe, with initial flights from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam, Paris, and Frankfurt. An economic boom in Malaysia during the 1980s spurred the growth of Malaysian Airline System (MAS). By the end of the decade, MAS was flying to 47 overseas destinations, including eight European destinations, seven Oceanian destinations, and United States destinations of Los Angeles and Honolulu. The company name changed to Malaysia AIrlines in 1989.

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