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Socata TB-10 Tobago seen in Sprung ins Leben.

The Socata company, hairess of Morane-Saulnier, built up in the mid-seventies a family of light single engine piston aircraft known as the "Caribbean Planes", due to their island names (TB 9 Tampico, TB 10 Tobago, TB 200 Tobago, TB 20 (and 21) Trinidad). Due to the larger fuselage, and relatively heavy weights, TB series aircraft have lower performance figures than a similarly sized and powered but narrower aircraft.
Please note that the TB 30 Epsilon does not match with this family as it's a two-seat tandem military trainer.

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the Socata TB 9 / 10 / 20 / 21 / 200.

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