Cybèle ou les dimanches de Ville-d'Avray

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Cybèle ou les dimanches de Ville-d'Avray movie poster.

Movie (1962)
aka : Les dimanches de Ville-d'Avray
English title : Sundays and Cybele
German title : Sonntage mit Sybill
Russian title : Воскресенья в Виль-д’Авре

Hardy Krüger (Pierre)
Patricia Gozzi (Françoise/Cybèle)
Nicole Courcel (Madeleine)
Daniel Ivernel (Carlos)

Pierre, a former air force pilot of the first Indochina War who suffers amnesia, is now living with Madeleine in a low-key but potentially romantic relationship. An evening, Pierre is seeing Cybèle, a young girl in distress as her obviously loveless father is dropping her off at an orphanage, From now on, Sundays will be different for the young girl and Pierre.

Unidentified Aircraft

Maybe just a set built for the handfull shots used during the beginning credits. Nothing close to aircraft used in South East Asia during the 1950s by the French armies !

LDdeVdA 00005.jpg
LDdeVdA 01.jpg

Sud Aviation SA 313B Alouette II

(Top right, at 1h35) a small TV screen is displaying a report about Santa Claus flying an Alouette II

LDdeVdA 1h35.jpg

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