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Last updated on 2018.

東方戰場 movie poster.

TV Shows (2015 ?)
Chinese title: 東方戰場
International title: Eastern Battlefield

Please note that this page will relied on a video found on the web; it's a kind of BEST OF of this Series related to aviation action. But I'm unable to find data about actors (and so on) (I don't read Chinese).

NOTA : Despite great design, some awesome error could be noticed : missing pilot; take off without bombs then cruise flight with underfuselage war load; same instrument panel between the Northrop Gamma and the Curtiss Hawk; flipped image (code number reversed); turn by patrol are unealistic (outside wingman should be distanced or might cut the turn in order to keep the chase); onboard radio were quite rare in the thirties; Policarpov I-16 don't have autonomous starter (only the restored one but with a different engine of the original plane). This must not stop the enthusiast as most of these aircraft don't survive the decades and if yes, are not in flying condition.

Mitsubishi B1M

Episode 1 (?)

EastBTF1 B1M.jpg
EastBTF1 Mitsubishi-B1M.jpg

Nakajima A1N2

Episode 1 (?)

On top and right of the screenshot.

Boeing 218

Episode 1 (?)
Boeing 218 (Export variant of the P-12E) piloted by Robert Short during the Shangai incident (22 February 1932). This single aircraft damaged an ennemy but was itself hit and crashed to his death.

EastBTF1 Boeing-218.jpg
EastBTF1 Boeing-model-218.jpg

Northrop Gamma 2E

Episode 2 (?)

EastBTF2 Northrop901.jpg
EastBTF2 Northrop-diving.jpg
EastBTF2 Northrop-Gamma.jpg

Curtiss Hawk III

Episode 3 (?)

EastBTF3 CHawk-NoPilot.jpg
EastBTF3 flipped.jpg
EastBTF3 Curtiss-Hawk-2307.jpg

Episode 4 (?)

EastBTF4 Hawk.jpg

Episode 6 (?)

EastBTF6 2016-11-11-19h24m30s028.jpg

Episode 7 (?)

EastBTF7 Curtiss-Hawk-I.jpg

Mitsubishi G3M

Episode 3 (?)

EastBTF3 Mitsubishi-G3M.jpg
EastBTF3 Mit-G3M.jpg

Episode 5 (?)

EastBTF5 G3M.jpg

Episode 7 (?)

EastBTF7 G3M-bombRun.jpg

Polikarpov I-16

Episode 5 (?)

EastBTF5 I-16.jpg
EastBTF5 I-16-BD.jpg

Episode 7 (?)

  • Probably the most important error : I-16 don't have autonomous starter and need a special truck. Handling start is unsufficient for a 760 hp engine !
  • But why some propeller are turning the right way (clockwise) and others the wrong one (starting scene) ?

Serial 2307 was not use by I-16s but worn by a Polikarpov I-152.

EastBTF7 QRA.jpg

Mitsubishi A5M

Episode 6 (?)

EastBTF6 A5M2.jpg
EastBTF6 A5Ms.jpg

Episode 7 (?)

EastBTF7 A5M2.jpg
EastBTF7 Mit-typ-96.jpg

Episode 9 (?)

EastBTF9 A5M4.jpg
EastBTF9 A5M4 oct1938.jpg

Martin 139WC

Episode 8 (?)

EastBTF8 Martin-00001.jpg
EastBTF8 Martin-00002.jpg
EastBTF8 Martin-139WC.jpg

Mitsubishi A6M5

Episode 10 (?)
Armament and engine cowlig are clearly of the Model 52 subtype which made its maiden flight only in 1943. But action is set on December 7th, 1941 !

EastBTF10 A6M5.jpg

Curtiss Hawk 81A2 / P-40C

Episode 10 (?)

EastBTF10 CHawk-81A2.jpg
EastBTF10 FlyingTigers.jpg
EastBTF10 P-40C.jpg

Mitsubishi Ki-21

Episode 10 (?)

EastBTF10 Ki-21.jpg
EastBTF10 Lily.jpg

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