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Dai yûkai poster.

Movie (1991)
Japanese title: 大誘拐
English title: Rainbow Kids

Tanie Kitabayashi (Toshiko Yanagawa)
Kenji Tonami (Toru Kazama)
Katsuyasu Uchida (Masayoshi Akiba)
Hiroshi Nishikawa (Heita Miyake)

3 young criminals who were recently released from prison kidnaps Toshiko Yanagawa, the matriarch of the wealthiest family in Wakayama Prefecture for ransom. Toshiko, however, had other plans...

Aérospatiale AS355 F Ecureuil 2

Reg. JA9591 (c/n 5284) of Hankyu Air, with company markings covered up with fictional operator "Wakayama Air". Used to carry the ransom money.


Another AS355 was used in the film to trail the helicopter filled with ransom money. Possibly JA9588 (c/n 5286), another Hankyu Air AS355.

JA9591 and another AS355.jpg

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