Dangers dans le ciel

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Last updated on 28 November 2021.

For other movies with the word Mayday, see Mayday (Disambiguation).

Dangers dans le ciel title card.

TV Series (2003 - 2021)

Also known as:
Mayday / Air Disasters (Québec)
Air Emergency (USA)
Air Crash Investigation(s) (English title)
Chinese title :空中浩劫
Finnish title : Lentoturmatutkinta
German title : Mayday – Alarm im Cockpit
Italian title : Indagini ad alta quota
Japanese title : メーデー!:航空機事故の真実と真相
Korean title : 항공사고수사대
Magyar title : Légikatasztrófák
Norwegian title ; Flyhavarikommisjonen
Polish title : Katastrofa w przestworzach
Russian title : Расследования авиакатастроф
Spanish title : Mayday: catástrofes aéreas
Swedish title : Haverikommissionen

Gérard Feldzer (expert narrator on Season One (french broadcasting))

Most of the episode of 52 minutes (45 on later season) includes two parts. The first one tells the chronology of a flight, with aviation experts and eyewitnesses, usually from the boarding until the drama. In the second part, the enquiry is told until its conclusions and the consequences on industry and airline companies are exposed.
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Season One

Mayday - Season One

Season Two

Mayday - Season Two (to be analyse)

Season Three

Mayday - Season Three

Season Four

Mayday - Season Four (to be analyse)

Season Five

Mayday - Season Five

Season Six

Mayday - Season Six (no episode online)

Season Seven

Mayday - Season Seven

Season Eight

No Episode Online.

Season Nine

Mayday - Season Nine

Season Ten

Mayday - Season Ten

Season Eleven

Mayday - Season Eleven

Season Twelve

Mayday - Season Twelve

Season Thirteen

Mayday - Season Thirteen

Season Fourteen

Season Fifteen

Season Sixteen

Season Seventeen

Season Eighteen

Season Nineteen

Season Twenty

Season Twenty-One

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