Der schweigende Stern

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Der schweigende Stern DVD cover.

Movie (1960)
Aka : Raumschiff Venus antwortet nicht
Polish title : Milczaca gwiazda
French title : L'étoile du silence
English title : First Spaceship on Venus

Günther Simon (Raimund Brinkmann)
Kurt Rackelmann (Professor Sikarna)
Yoko Tani (Dr. Sumiko Ogimura)

In the desert of Mongolia, a extra-terrestrial object is found. Scientific community defines its origin from Venus and considers it as a message. A rocket intended for Mars is actually dedicated to Venus, manned by a team of eight scientists from all the world.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 UTI

Aircraft in markings of the Luftstreitkräfte der Nationalen Volksarmee (Air Force of East Germany) are not seen every day in movies. But when the emblem of the LSK is devoided of the national emblem of the German Democratic Republic, it's quite rare as this was just between 1st March 1956 and 1st October 1959.

Der-schweigende-Stern Mig-15UTI.jpg
Der-schweigende-Stern Mig-15U-DDR.jpg

'Little Rocket' on Venuskhod

The ground vehicle used on Venus is a four places car with a 'Little Rocket' on its top, manned by a single passenger.

Der-schweigende-Stern MFM.jpg
Der-schweigende-Stern rocket.jpg


Seen on Earth only, this Elastocopter.

Der-schweigende-Stern MFM-elastocopter.jpg

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