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Десант DVD cover.

Movie (1998 or 2000 ?)
Russian title : Десант

Alexey Serebryakov (Sergeant Alexei Burov)
Alexander Trubitsyn (Timur Dusmatov)
Arman Asenov (Lieutnant Akhmetov)
Nurlan Uteshev (paratrooper Aman Kuzbolov)

From enlistening to rugged moutain fighting, we follow some young Kazakh through their military duty among paratrooper forces.

Mil Mi-8

Seen along the second half of the movie in various configurations.
Boarding paratrooper :

Desant 00003.jpg

Without backdoors just before a parajump (note the Kazakh star on the edge of the open cargo)

Desant 00004.jpg

Cockpit :

Desant 00014.jpg
Desant 00016.jpg
Desant 00021.jpg

Antonov An-12

First sight with very tight shot but the only four engine Kazakh Air Force aircraft is the Antonov An-12.

Desant 00006.jpg
Note the Mil Mi-6 on the right edge.

Mil Mi-35

Desant 00009.jpg
Desant 00011.jpg
Desant 00013b.jpg

Sukhoi Su-24MR

Sukhoi Su-24MR were inherited from the former 39th Reconnaissance Regiment of the Soviet Union. They are no longer in service.

Desant 00012.jpg

Mil Mi-6

Mil Mi-6 are now replaced by Mil Mi-26.

Desant 00013.jpg
Desant 00013a.jpg

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