Die Bienen - Tödliche Bedrohung

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Die Bienen - Tödliche Bedrohung movie poster.

TV Movie (2008)
French title : L'île des abeilles tueuses
English title : Killer Bees

Janin Reinhardt (Karla Bergmann)
Klaus J. Behrendt (Hans Bergmann)
Stephan Luca (Ben Herzog)
Rolf Kanies (Dr. Alvarez)

(Synopsis needed)

Boeing 737 Next Generation

DieBienenTodBed 737.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

We guess this aircraft is used to spray a deadly product on the bees. A screenshot of the whole aircraft could make simplier the recognition ... even a far shape in the skies ...

DieBienenTodBed was.jpg

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