Frauen für Golden Hill

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Frauen für Golden Hill movie poster.

Movie (1938)
French title : Femmes pour Golden Hill

Kirsten Heiberg (Violet)
Viktor Staal (Douglas)
Elfie Mayerhofer (Kitty)
Grethe Weiser (Mdm. Doolittle)
Hubert von Meyerinck (Tanzmanager)

A mining camp deep in Australia (*). Life is boring without women. So miners bring single women from Sidney but as you can guess, all is not perfect. Especially when a desert storm blows ...
(*) so the VH-... registration required by this German movie.

Junkers W 34

FrauenFGH JuW34.jpg

Bücker Bü 133C Jungmeister

At takeoff, fuselage worns VH-EAA registration but upper wing has still the real registration (D-EJJI).

FrauenFGH D-EJJI.jpg

Error fixed on the next action.

FrauenFGH VH-EAA.jpg
FrauenFGH 00009.jpg

Gotha Go 145

Six aircraft of which we just see (false) registrations VH-IVC/IHC/IFV/IMB.

FrauenFGH 6Go145.jpg
FrauenFGH Go145.jpg
FrauenFGH 00008.jpg

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