Gloria (1931 - Germany)

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Gloria title screen.

Movie (1931)

Gustav Fröhlich (Georg Köhler)
Brigitte Helm (Maria Köhler)
Rolf Drucker (Their son Felix)
Fritz Kampers (Jonny Belling)

Georg is pilot and likes to make aerobatics. Maria asks him to stop this frightening activity. During a long flight, one of their friend, Jonny, offers to Maria a flight, her baptism flight. They land at the moment Georg and Maria come back. He then decides to cross the Atlantic to break a record.

Please note that the director and Brigitte Helm made another movie with a french team under the same title; same story and action but some french aircrafts were added to please the french spectators.

Farman F.301

At the beginning of the movie. Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof.
In 1931, it must be from SGTA-Société Générale des Transports Aériens.

At the end.

Various Aircraft at Berlin Templehof

Probably the Rohrbach Ro VIIIA Roland registered D-1692 in the middle of the screenshot. Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof.

Gloria-D Tempelhof D-1692.jpg

Junkers G 38

Reg. D-2000 Junkers G 38 (c/n 3301).

Gloria-D Junkers Ju G-38.jpg

Junkers W 33

Gloria-D Junkers Ju W-33.jpg

Junkers G 23

Cockpit view of a trimotor (G 23 or G 24 ?) put in the middle of an action of the single engine Junkers W 33.

Gloria-D Junkers Ju W-33a.jpg

The aircraft as seen later in the movie. Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof.

Gloria-D Junkers Ju G-23.jpg

Junkers F 24

Gloria-D Junkers Ju W-33b.jpg

Junkers F 13

Reg. D-709.

Gloria-D Junkers Ju F-13.jpg

Unidentified Model

An ermine (stoat) playing with an unidentified model.

Gloria-D model.jpg

Dornier Do B Komet III

Reg. D-529 Dornier Do B Komet III (c/n 64) destroyed on July 1933.

Gloria-D Dornier Komet-III.jpg

BFW M.23 b

Gloria-D Messerschmitt M23b.jpg
Gloria-D Messerschmitt M-23b.jpg

Reg. D-1849 is a BFW M.23; others aircraft unidentified.

Gloria-D airshow.jpg
Gloria-D Messerschmitt M-23b2.jpg

Heinkel HD 22

Aircraft used by the U.S. military attache.

Gloria-D Heinkel HD-22.jpg

Dietrich Gobiet DPIIa

Reg. D-1009 Dietrich Gobiet DPIIa.

Gloria-D DietrichGobiet DPIIa.jpg
Gloria-D DietrichGobiet DPIIa2.jpg

Breguet 270

Gloria-D Breguet 270.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.230

Gloria-D MS-225.jpg

Unidentified Model

Runners of the aerobatic competition during the airshow.
This competitor's aircraft worn a F on the rudder.

Gloria-D airshow2.jpg
Gloria-D airshow5.jpg

Unidentified glider crossing an aircraft doing aerobatics.

Gloria-D airshow4.jpg

Fokker Grulich F.III

Reg. D-503 Fokker Grulich F.III of 1924.

Gloria-D D-503.jpg
Gloria-D D-503b.jpg

Caspar C 32

Gloria-D Caspar C-32.jpg
Gloria-D Caspar C-32a.jpg
Gloria-D Caspar C-32b.jpg

Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II

Gloria-D RohrbachRoland II.jpg

Reg. D-1729 Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II (c/n 43) of Deutsche Luft Hansa.

Gloria-D RohrbachRoland II D-1729.jpg

Junkers G 24

Reg. D-1088 Junkers G 24 (c/n 941).

Gloria-D Junkers G-24ce.jpg

Udet U12 Flamingo

Reg. D-1229.

Gloria-D Udet 12a.jpg

Junkers W 33

Reg. D-2009 Junkers W33f (c/n 2580) of Deutsche Luft Hansa.
First seen with a fictional registration (D-AOUC) in a continuity error.

Gloria-D Junkers W33.jpg
Gloria-D Junkers W33f2.jpg
Gloria-D Junkers W33f3.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Unidentified biplane aircraft given to be a flight of american aviators welcoming the Junkers W 33 aircrew.

Gloria-D US welcome.jpg

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