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Film poster for Goldfinger.

Movie (1964)

Sean Connery (James Bond)
Gert Fröbe (Auric Goldfinger)
Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore)
Bernard Lee (M)
Harold Sakata (Oddjob)
Cec Linder (Felix Leiter)

The authorities have suspicions that a wealthy commodities dealer is smuggling gold across Europe and has plans to manipulate the price of gold worldwide. James Bond is assigned to establish how exactly he's smuggling the gold, but when he gets a bit too close, things quickly turn much more sinister.

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James Bond films

Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair

Goldfinger, Oddjob and the Rolls-Royce travel from England to Switzerland with this plane. Registration G-ASDC, serial 10273.

Reg. G-ASDC Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair of British United Air Ferries.

Loading the Rolls-Royce at 'Southend Municipal Airport'.

Reg. G-ASDC Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair of British United Air Ferries.

Passengers boarding the cabin behind the cars.

Reg. G-ASDC Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair of British United Air Ferries.

Lockheed L-1329 JetStar

Pussy Galore flies Bond with this plane (Goldfinger´s private jet) from Switzerland to Kentucky. Later, a military version of this should take Bond to Washington D.C., but Goldfinger hijacks it. This is also flown by Pussy, but the plane crashes into the ocean and explodes when Goldfinger shoots a window with his revolver. Goldfinger's aircraft features the registration N711Z which could be traced to multiple aircraft.

GFLockheed JetStar.jpg
Arriving in Kentucky.
The same aircraft is seen later on in slightly different decals, operating as a VIP USAF aircraft.

Piper PA-28 Cherokee

All members of Pussy Galore´s flying circus have this plane. Registration, serial: N6056W, 28-20068; N7489W, 28-1400; N5781W, 28-1658; N7641W, N/A; N8729W, 28-10264.

From left to right: N6056W Piper PA-28 Cherokee Cruiser, N7489W, N5781W.
N7641W, de-registered in 1974.
N8729W, Piper PA-28-235 Cherokee Pathfinder.
GFPA-28 2.jpg
GFPA-28 3.jpg

Hiller UH-12E4

Registration G-ASAZ, c/n 2070 built in 1960. Pussy Galore takes Goldfinger and the atomic bomb to Fort Knox with this helicopter. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg. G-ASAZ Hiller UH-12E4 of Rent-a-Copter Ltd.
Reg. G-ASAZ Hiller UH-12E4 of Rent-a-Copter Ltd.

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

In the background, featuring USAF markings.


Brantly B-2

They use this helicopter to such for Bond and Pussy Galore after the JetStar crash.

Felix Leiter searching for 007.

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