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Hochzeiten title screen.

TV Movie (2012)

Senta Berger (Klara / Claire)
Friedrich von Thun (Bernhard)
Lisa Martinek (Sophie)
Tim Bergmann (Ingo)

(Synopsis needed)

Learjet 60

Reg. D-CGEO Learjet 60 c/n 60 (msn 160).
This plane made headlines in november 2014 when the rear cargo door, measuring 80x100 cm, separated from the airplane. A fact very published due to U2 lead singer Bono was on board !

Hochzeiten D-CGEO.jpg
Hochzeiten Learjet.jpg
Hochzeiten L60.jpg

Cessna 525B Citation Jet CJ1

Reg. D-IMAC Cessna 525 Citation CJ1.

Hochzeiten Cessna-525.jpg
Hochzeiten 525.jpg

Too narrow to be the Learjet 60 as the cutting would let think.

Hochzeiten Passagierkabine.jpg

Learjet 55

Desk model and wallpaper.

Hochzeiten desk-model.jpg

Bombardier Global 6000

Hochzeiten drei.jpg
Hochzeiten 14.jpg

Two aircrafts are at the paint station. Hard to say if they are really of the same class with their window hidden.

Hochzeiten painting.jpg
Hochzeiten lila.jpg

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