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A category is a special page which lists all the Films/TV shows that feature a specific aircraft. For example a Lockheed C-130 Hercules or Bell 206.

The page includes a clear, descriptive, picture of the aircraft and some basic information about it. They are linked to the Film/TV Show pages through the aircraft title in each subsection, and automatically updated via the Category lists at the bottom of pages.


  • Categories should only be created for aircraft that have appeared in two or more productions.
  • This list of categories shows all the categories that have already been created. Remember, categories should represent base models of aircraft with extra categories (see below) where appropriate.
  • The title should be the full title including the manufacturer name, alpha-numerical designation and common name. Check Wikipedia or the manufacturer for the correct title.
  • In such a case that an aircraft is manufactured by two different companies, i.e. due to a takeover, then providing there are no significant design changes to the aircraft the category should be titled as the most recent manufacturer. If there were changes to the aircraft design, then separate categories may be appropriate.
  • Where possible, use a picture already on IMPDb i.e. one used in the Film/TV Page.
  • Remember to redirect your page from searches.


To create a category:

  • Type 'Category:(Full aircraft name)' into the search box on the sidebar.
  • Follow the link:Create the page "(page name)" on this wiki!
  • The following HTML text should be used for an aircraft category, filling in the appropriate information:
[[Image:(file name).jpg|thumb|right|350px|(Description of picture including link to production in which it was seen.)]]
(Brief description)

This page lists all films that feature a variation of the (Aircraft name).

== See also ==
*[(URL of aircraft page on Wikipedia) (Aircraft name) on Wikipedia]

[[Category:Aircraft List]]


Because the pages are named 'Category', they tend not to show up on a regular search for the aircraft model. Therefore, to help users get the most from the site, regular searches are redirected to the Category page.

For example: If you search 'Boeing 747' in the search box, you will be automatically redirected to 'Category:Boeing 747'. This is shown just above the page text as '(Redirected from Boeing 747)'.

To redirect a page:

  • Type the search term into the search box e.g. 'Boeing 747'.
  • Follow the link:Create the page "(search term)" on this wiki!
  • Copy the following HTML text into the edit box, replacing the (bracketed) text with relevant text:
#REDIRECT [[:(Page you are redirecting to e.g. 'Category:Boeing 747')]]

Note:You must include the ':' before the page name if it is a category, otherwise the redirect page will become at member of that category!

  • You can have as many redirects as you like for a Category page in order to maximise the chances of it being found. See List of Redirects for further examples.

Special Categories

In some cases a variant of an aircraft may deserve it's own category such as a military version or popular variant. It may be worth discussing this with another user before creating a special category. Example, Sikorsky S-70, Sikorsky UH-60.

  • Special categories are created using the same method as a normal category.
  • You should add a link to the special category as such:

after 'This page lists all ...', add:

For the (improved/twin-engined etc.) variant, see [[:Category:(Category page name)|(Category page name)]].
  • A similar note should be added to the main category page:
For the (base/single-engined etc.) variant, see [[:Category:(Special category page name)|(Special category page name)]].
  • Remember to add redirects if necessary.

Manufacturer Categories

Manufacturer category pages list the aircraft, manufactured by that company, that have categories on IMPDb.

  • The following format should be used for manufacturer categories:
This page shows a list of (Manufacturer name) aircraft that have featured in films referenced on The Internet Movie Plane Database.

== See also ==
*[(URL of manufacturer page on Wikipedia) (Manufacturer name) on Wikipedia]
  • To add the aircraft category to the manufacturer category just add:
[[Category:(Manufacturer category page name)]]

at the bottom of the page of the Aircraft category page.

  • Remember to add redirects if necessary.

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