I predatori di Atlantide

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I predatori di Atlantide movie poster.

Movie (1983)
International title: The Atlantis Interceptors or The Raiders of Atlantis
French title: Les prédateurs du futur

Christopher Connelly (Mike Ross)
Gioia Scola (Dr. Cathy Rollins)
Tony King (Mohammed/Washington)
Stefano Mingardo (Klaus Nemnez)

(Synopsis needed)

Aérospatiale SA 330G Puma

Of Elitos italian company.

IPDA Puma.png

We guess a registration... Who can provide a better screenshot ?

Puma elitos.JPG
IPDA AS330.jpg

Eurocopter MBB BO-105

IPDA Bo105a.jpg
IPDA Bo105b.jpg

Visual error when the BO-105 is exploding. Despite same colors and general shape, another air vehicule is used : two blades rotor instead the four blade of the real BO-105; and what about this dark circle under the fuselage?
Probably a radio command model as the take is seen just for the explosion.

IPDA helon.png
IPDA compl3a.jpg
IPDA compl3.jpg

Bell UH-1D Iroquois

IPDA UH-1D.png
Raiders of atlantis2.jpg

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