Le Mans

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Le Mans movie poster.

Movie (1971)

Steve McQueen (Michael Delaney)
Siegfried Rauch (Erich Stahler)
Elga Andersen (Lisa Belgetti)
Ronald Leigh-Hunt (David Townsend)
Luc Merenda (Claude Aurac)

There is very little plot and very little acting; the movie entertains primarily by the sight and sound of Porsche 917s and Ferrari 512s, iconic racing cars with lots of visual and audio appeal to racing enthusiasts. There are, however, some elementary plot devices. The race itself is a fierce competition between the Porsche team (based on the JW Automotive Engineering team, though the team is only called the Gulf Porsche Team in the movie) and their main rivals, the factory Ferrari team.

Sud Aviation SE 3130

After Claude Aurac (Luc Merenda) crashed his Ferrari, this helicopter takes him to hospital.

LMans Heli1.jpg
LMans Heli2.jpg

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