Le dernier vol (2009)

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Le dernier vol (2009) movie poster.

Movie (2009)

Marion Cotillard (Marie Vallières de Beaumont)
Guillaume Canet (Antoine Chauvet)
Frédéric Epaud (Louis)
Michaël Vander-Meiren (Vasseur)

Aviator Marie Vallières de Beaumont goes on a journey to find her lover Bill Lancaster after his plane disappears in the Sahara. The film is based on the French novel Le dernier vol de Lancaster (the last flight of Lancaster) by Sylvain Estibal which is loosely based on the real life events surrounding the disappearance of British aviator Bill Lancaster (in fact, Lancaster was found 29 years later just 70 km from his last station when searches were made far away (200 to 300 km)).

Stampe SV4 (modified) acting as R.A.F. SE5

Wears the fictionous registration F-ASNK. It's in fact a replica of SE.5 (c/n 2) really registered under F-AZCN (already used for L'as des as).
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DV2009 CIMG5992x500.jpg
DV2009 CIMG5995x500.jpg
DV2009 CIMG5996x500.jpg
DV2009 CIMG5998x500.jpg

Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 (replica)

During the sand storm, it's a replica (of course) which is blew up.

DV2009 CIMG5999x500.jpg
DV2009 CIMG6000x500.jpg

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