Les chevaliers du ciel (1967 TV Series)

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Les chevaliers du ciel (1967 TV Series) DVD cover.

TV Series (1967-1970)
English title : The Aeronauts

Jacques Santi (Michel Tanguy)
Christian Marin (Ernest Laverdure)
Michele Girardon (Nicole)
Roger Pigaut (Capitaine Merlet)

(Synopsis needed)

Season One

Dassault Mystère IV

Ep. 1.01
Dassault Mystère IV of 7ième Escadre (E.C. 3/7 Languedoc) (7th Wing, Squadron 3/7 Languedoc). CC was the code of aircraft s/n 191 in 1966 ... if this footage is not older.

2014-09-02 17h56 58.png
2014-09-02 17h57 43.png

Various Aircraft

Ep. 1.01
Two Dassault Mystère IVs with a Dassault Flamant on the left and a Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard in the background.
Tanguy was at the controls of 7-AU of EC 1/7 Provence (s/n 130) and his leader, Laverdure, was piloting 7-AI s/n 134, a Mystère built in March 1956 and destroyed on 28 February 1968 after 1,709 flight hours. Thirteen days before in the same area (Solenzara, Corsica), it was the same fate for Mystère IV s/n 130 after 2,034 flight hours !

2014-09-02 18h00 55.png

Continuity error : Tanguy et Laverdure are pilots of EC 1/7 Provence (yellow stripe) but the mechanic of Laverdure is close a Mystère with a blue stripe of the sister squadron (escadron 3/7 Languedoc).
In the far background, we can guess (1) a SNCASO SO 4050 Vautour and (2) a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star.

CdC 1-01 faraway.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C

Ep. 1.01
2-LL and 2-LO are Dassault Mirage III C s/n 60 and 51 of EC 3/2 Alsace.

2014-09-02 18h09 55.png

Ep. 1.02
Dassault Mirage III C s/n 33 which worn code 2-EC between January 1966 and April 1968.


Ep. 1.03
Dassault Mirage III C s/n 63 code 2-EN of EC 1/2 Cigognes between April 1966 and December 1968.

Used again in Ep. 1.04 to pursuit the stolen Mirage.

This line-up shows the right side (SPA 103) of the fighters of EC 1/2 Cigognes.

CdC 1-03 cigognes.jpg

Ep. 1.04
Dassault Mirage III C 2-EF s/n 48 of EC 1/2 Cigognes. Given to be Yankee Papa (!) on the radio.

CdC 1-04 IIIC 2-EF.jpg

Ep. 1.06
Dassault Mirage III C 2-ET s/n 32.

CdC 1-06 IIIC 2-ET.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C 2-EA s/n 69.

CdC 1-06 IIIC 2-EA.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C 2-LF s/n 44 of EC 3/2 Alsace.

CdC 1-06 IIIC 2-LF.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C 2-EP s/n 12 or 85 (data bases give them with overlapping dates).

CdC 1-06 IIIC 2-EP.jpg

Ep. 1.07

CdC 1-07 IIIC.jpg

Ep. 1.08
Dassault Mirage III C 2-EN (s/n 42 or 63 ?).

CdC 1-08 IIIC 2-EN.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C 2-EL s/n 65.

CdC 1-08 IIIC 2-EL.jpg

Ep. 1.09
Dassault Mirage III C 2-LD s/n 27 of EC 3/2 Alsace.

CdC 1-09 IIIC 2-LD.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C (2-LO or 2-LQ ?) with a tally of a dozen missile or target. A former testbed ?

CdC 1-09 IIIC 2-LO LQ.jpg

Ep. 1.11
Dassault Mirage III C 2-EG s/n 82.

CdC 1-11 IIIC 2-EG.jpg

Ep. 1.12
Dassault Mirage III C 2-EJ of EC 1/2 Cigognes could be aircraft serial 18 or 61 (depending if filming was before or after July 1966).

CdC 1-12 IIIC 2-EJ.jpg

Ep. 1.13
Dassault Mirage III C 2-ED s/n 91.

CdC 1-13 IIIC 2-ED.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C 2-EN s/n 63.

CdC 1-13 IIIC 2-EN.jpg

Dassault Mirage III B

Ep. 1.02
Probably Mirage III B s/n 227 which has worn tactical code 2-FP between June 1966 and December 1969. Note the Gull emblem of the SPA 57 (the other side is the Griffon -see bottom-) of EC 2/2 Côte d'Or.


Ep. 1.03
Dassault Mirage III B s/n 208 2-FS of EC 2/2 Côte d'Or (SPA 65 Griffon).

CdC 1-03 IIIB 2-FS.jpg
CdC 1-03 IIIB 2-FSb.jpg

Ep. 1.04
Dassault Mirage III B c/n 209 2-FI of SPA 65 Griffon too.

CdC 1-04 IIIB 2-FI.jpg

And now Mirage III B c/n 227 2-FP.

CdC 1-04 IIIB 2-FP.jpg

Ep. 1.12
Four pilots are briefed to intercept the Vilain T-33 then board their plane and are taxiing. On in the air we will see four Mirage IIICs but on the taxiway they are two single-seat and these two two-seat:
Dassault Mirage III B 208 (see above Ep. 1.03).

CdC 1-12 IIIC 208.jpg

Dassault Mirage III 2-FM s/n 206.

CdC 1-12 IIIB 2-FM.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris

Seen in several episodes usually just after the opening credits.

CdC 1-05 MS760.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 1.06

CdC 1-06 cible.jpg

Ep. 1.08

CdC 1-08 vict.jpg

Dassault Super-Mystère B2

Ep. 1.06
Continunity error as seen instead of a Mirage.

CdC 1-06 SMB2.jpg

Sikorsky H-34

Ep. 1.06

CdC 1-06 H-34.jpg

Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star

Ep. 1.08

CdC 1-08 T-33.jpg

Ep. 1.12

CdC 1-12 T-33.jpg

Ep. 1.13

CdC 1-13 T-33.jpg
CdC 1-13 T-33b.jpg
CdC 1-13 T-33c.jpg

Gloster Meteor T.7

Ep. 1.09
The roundel is more British than French ... maybe a footage from Martin-Baker Co showing one of their two testbed Meteors.
If right, maybe the same aircraft seen in Ep. 1.7 Many Happy Returns of The Prisoner (TV Series) but not the same footage.

CdC 1-09 meteor.jpg

Agusta-Bell 47G-2

Ep. 1.09
Agusta-Bell 47G-2 c/n 197 of the Gendarmerie (French Military Police) with the code JAE.


Sud Aviation SA 3130 Alouette II

Ep. 1.09
Sud Aviation SA 3130 Alouette II F-MJAP s/n 1717 of the Gendarmerie. Seen again in episodes 10 and 12.

CdC 1-09 JAP.jpg

Ep. 1.10

CdC 1-10 JAP.jpg

Ep. 1.12
Seen here landing at B.A. 102 Dijon-Longvic (a French air base closed in 2016). Note the Bell 47G-2 JAE already seen and the unidentified white aircraft (Cessna ?) in the hangar.

CdC 1-12 jap.jpg

Continuity error : just before F-MJAP was actually green with yellow code 343-ME (or MF ? s/n 1743) for few seconds !

CdC 1-12 alat.jpg

Fouga CM170R Magister

Ep. 1.12

CdC 1-12 Fouga.jpg

Transall C-160F

Ep. 1.12

CdC 1-12 C-160.jpg

Douglas C-47B-1-DK Skytrain

Ep. 1.12
Douglas C-47B-1-DK Skytrain c/n 25541 s/n 43-48280. On French Air Force in September 1944 with several Groupe de Transport (G.T. 1/15; G.T. 1/61; G.T. 2/64; G.T. 1/64 and then the squadron GLAM 1/60 dedicated to ministers people). From january 1964, on duty for four years with GTLA 2/60 asseen here : transporting Ministry of the Armed Forces personnel and foreign delegations, and carrying out medical evacuations for military personnel and civilians. Sold to Niger in May 1969.

CdC 1-12 C-47.jpg
CdC 1-12 C-47 48280.jpg

Ep. 1.13

CdC 1-13 C-47.jpg

Airbase Life

Ep. 1.03
Training of the Fire Brigade with an Unidentified Dassault Mirage III C.

CdC 1-03 crash.jpg

Atar jet engine testbed.

CdC 1-03 Atar.jpg

Radar Cyrano.

CdC 1-03 radar Cyrano.jpg

Rocket SEPR 841 on trial (used to boost interception performances).

CdC 1-03 SEPR841.jpg

And many others through episodes...

Season Two

Gloster Meteor

Ep. 2.01
A trio of Gloster Meteor. The type was no longer used by the EPNER (*) in 1968 but still by the CEV (Centre d'Essais en Vol / the French counterpart of the Royal Aircraft Etablishment). Moreover, the roundel is the British one !
(*) Ecole du Personnel Naviguant d'Essais et de Réception (the (French) Test Pilots' School) was based at Istres, near Marseilles, South of France where the action was filmed.

CdC 2-01 A.jpg
CdC 2-01 A2.jpg

Dassault Super-Mystère B2

Ep. 2.01
Dassault Super-Mystère B2 given to be used by the EPNER. One was

CdC 2-01 B.jpg
CdC 2-01 B2.jpg

Ep. 2.08
The EC 2/10 Seine, based at Creil and carrying on the traditions of the ERC 1/561, the Cercle de Chasse de Paris, was equipped with Super Mystère (SMB2) from 28 May 1958 to July 1974. Serial number of 10-RD and 10-RI not identified at the time of the filming.

CdC 2-08 A.jpg
CdC 2-08 A2.jpg

The crash plane seems wearing s/n 113 which doesn't match with service life diary. Note the missing engine inside the jet pipe.

CdC 2-08 A3.jpg
With Escadrille SPA 124 – Jeanne d’Arc (SPA 124 - Joan of Arc squadron) insignia on the port side.

Fouga CM170R Magister

Ep. 2.01

CdC 2-01 C.jpg

Ep. 2.02

CdC 2-02 E4.jpg

Ep. 2.08

CdC 2-08 B.jpg

SNCA Sud-Ouest 1221PS Djinn

Ep. 2.01

CdC 2-01 D.jpg

Sud Aviation SA 3130 Alouette II

Ep. 2.01

CdC 2-01 E.jpg

Ep. 2.04

CdC 2-04 C.jpg

Ep. 2.09
Note the big square sand filter.

CdC 2-09 C2.jpg
CdC 2-09 C3.jpg


Lockheed L-749 Constellation

Ep. 2.01
Reg. F-ZVMV Lockheed L-749 Constellation, c/n 2503. This Constellation is seen with a different paint scheme of those she worn in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

CdC 2-01 F.jpg
CdC 2-01 F2.jpg
CdC 2-01 I.jpg

Ep. 2.02

CdC 2-02 E.jpg

Nord 2501 Noratlas

Ep. 2.01
Nord 2501 Noratlas n°4 built in 1953 and usual service life until March 1964. After a seven month long work to fit a special radar nose ("AMOR" dedicated to telemetry operations during atmospheric re-entry of experimental missiles) and associated electronics, used by the CEV until July 1969. Later used as an instructional airframe for mechanics before being scrapped in 1975.

CdC 2-01 F3.jpg

Ep. 2.02

CdC 2-02 G.jpg

Ep. 2.09
Dropping a stick of para-commando.

CdC 2-09 F.jpg

SNCASO SO 4050 Vautour II B

Ep. 2.01
SNCASO SO 4050 Vautour II B s/n 629 of 92ème Escadre de Bombardement.
The Dayglo tail of a Lockheed T-33 and a Dassault Flamand are in the background.

CdC 2-01 F4A.jpg

Ep. 2.02

CdC 2-02 A.jpg
CdC 2-02 E5.jpg

Various Aircraft

Ep. 2.01
A Fouga CM170R Magister is nearly hidding a Dassault Mirage III B (near the Dassault Super-Mystère B2).

CdC 2-01 F4B.jpg

Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star

Ep. 2.01

CdC 2-01 F4C.jpg
CdC 2-01 F4D.jpg

Ep. 2.02

With the Dassault Super-Mystère B2 in the left background.

Ep. 2.08

CdC 2-08 E.jpg
CdC 2-08 F.jpg

Ep. 2.09

CdC 2-09 D.jpg

Stampe et Vertongen SV-4C

Ep. 2.01
Reg. F-BIHR Stampe et Vertongen SV-4C c/n 495.

CdC 2-01 G F-BIHR.jpg

Dassault Mirage III B

Ep. 2.01
Dassault Mirage III B 234.

CdC 2-01 H234.jpg

SNCASO SO.30 Bretagne

Ep. 2.01
SNCASO SO.30 Bretagne (with a Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard in front of the hangar)...

CdC 2-01 J.jpg

... in flight ...

CdC 2-01 J2.jpg

... and now both engines shut off.

CdC 2-01 J3.jpg

Dassault Mirage IIIV

Ep. 2.02
The Mirage IIIV was a VTOL derivative of the Dassault Mirage III; the principal difference between the two types was the addition of eight small vertical lift jets which straddled the main engine and so plus three meters (nearly ten feet) in length and plus 2,5 tonnes / 5,500 lb (gross weight).

CdC 2-02 B.jpg
CdC 2-02 C.jpg
CdC 2-02 D.jpg
CdC 2-02 H.jpg

Dassault Flamant

Ep. 2.02

CdC 2-02 E2.jpg
CdC 2-02 F.jpg

Boeing 707-338C

Ep. 2.03
Reg. VH-EBO Boeing 707-338C c/n 18809/407 of Qantas Australias Overseas, her first owner (in 1965). Was also registered as: 9V-BFN, N4225J, 5N-ARQ (and broken up at Manston Airport in 2001).

Reg. VH-EBO Boeing 707-338C City of Townsville of Qantas.

Douglas DC-7

Ep. 2.03

CdC 2-03 I.jpg

Lockheed P2V-6 Neptune

Ep. 2.04
France received Lockheed P2V-6s from 1953. The 20 mm rear turret was replaced by a MAD in 1955 and the front turret vanished in favor a glass nose in 1957. Renamed P-2F in 1962 The last one was returned to the USA in 1969.

CdC 2-04 A.jpg
CdC 2-04 A2.jpg
CdC 2-04 A3.jpg

Note the missing J-34 engines fitted only on the P2V-7 (or P-2H after 1962) and the small AN/APS-70 radar.

CdC 2-04 A4.jpg

The mysterious spy plane has already made at least three low overflies over Hao island (and the highly secretive nuclear test range).
Laverdure flies a colonel to Papeete and once alone (and so on the way back to Hao) he spots the spy plane.
Hao is 900 km east of Tahiti but the action is filmed at 260 km (162 mi) northwest of its departure point (Papeete, Tahiti) at Bora-Bora !

Mount Otemanu, Bora-Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia.

Another difference between P2V-6 and P2V-7 ? Flat top on the P-2F and a bulged cockpit canopy on the P-2H.

CdC 2-04 A6.jpg
Three-digit code and French roundel overpainted.

SNCASO SO 4050 Vautour II N

Ep. 2.04

CdC 2-04 B.jpg
CdC 2-04 B2.jpg
CdC 2-04 B3.jpg
CdC 2-04 B4.jpg
CdC 2-04 B5.jpg
CdC 2-04 B6.jpg
CdC 2-04 B7.jpg

Ep. 2.05

CdC 2-05 D.jpg
CdC 2-05 D2.jpg
CdC 2-05 D3.jpg
CdC 2-05 D4.jpg

Ep. 2.11

CdC 2-11 C.jpg

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche B

Ep. 2.04

CdC 2-04 D.jpg
CdC 2-04 D2.jpg

Breguet Br-763 Provence

Ep. 2.05
Seen here behind Lantier (Victor Lanoux) and Tanguy.

CdC 2-05 A.jpg

Ep. 2.06

CdC 2-06 B.jpg

Douglas DC-6

Ep. 2.05
Douglas DC-6 of GLAM, French Air Force (GLAM : Groupement des Liaisons Aériennes Ministérielles, disbanded in 1995).

CdC 2-05 B.jpg

Consolidated OA-10A Catalina

Ep. 2.05
Consolidated OA-10A Catalina of the fictitious airline Airways Tiki. In the comic book "Menace sur Mururoa" the aircraft has the registration F-HNIO. For the filming, French roundel and code 32 have been deleted and the airline name added in red.
Built by Canadian Vickers s/n 67844 c/n CV-332 was first used byt the USAAF as 44-33880. Once peace is back, sold in Iceland and flew as TF-RVR1 then TF-RVG2 before flying again in Canada as CF-FKV.
Bought in 1966 by UTA for the DIRCEN (French Direction des centres d'expérimentations nucléaires, (French) Nuclear Experimentation Centers Department) to replace one of the two Catalinas sunk at Hikueru after hitting the coral reef at takeoff. Flew withthe SLPAC as F-YCHB and code 32 until the end of December 1971. Stocked at Papeete until 1974 when Chile bought the last three Catalinas (of the six used in the Pacific by the now defunct SLPAC) and moified for water bombing (still as '32'). Later used for passenger flights as CC-CDT before being again used for forest fire fighting. Sold to Spain (EC-594) and used in this role there before ending in Portugal. Final fate ?

CdC 2-05 C.jpg
CdC 2-05 C2.jpg

UTA Industries had replaced the blister by cargo door, 32 being the sole to received this two-door mecanism (the other one have a hatch opening upwards).

CdC 2-05 C3.jpg

Ep. 2.06

CdC 2-06 A.jpg
CdC 2-06 A2.jpg

Véronique (rocket)

Ep. 2.08
Named Nathalie, an unused name among French rocket. Most probably a Véronique-61M, a late variant of this first liquid-fuel research rocket in Western Europe (1959-1975).

CdC 2-08 C Nathalie.jpg

Sikorsky (Sud-Aviation) H-34A

Ep. 2.08
Laverdure is hidding a Fouga Magister during this panoramic footage.

CdC 2-08 D.jpg

Ep. 2.09

CdC 2-09 G.jpg
Sikorsky (Sud-Aviation) H-34 s/n SA-?? 6?-OA.

Ep. 2.10

Sikorsky (Sud-Aviation) H-34 60-RC.
Sikorsky (Sud-Aviation) H-34 s/n SA-57 68-OH.

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Ep. 2.09

CdC 2-09 A.jpg
CdC 2-09 E.jpg

Piper L-21BM Super Cub

Ep. 2.09 & 2.10 ANM Piper L-21BM received in 1956 by Armée de l'Air c/n 18-5373 (this tactical code ANM was right before 30 May 1967 !).

CdC 2-09 B.jpg
CdC 2-09 B2.jpg

Aérospatiale SA 316B Alouette III

Ep. 2.11

CdC 2-11 A.jpg

Dassault Etendard IV & Breguet Br 1050 Alizé

Ep. 2.11

CdC 2-11 B.jpg

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32

Ep. 2.11
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 of Iberia.

CdC 2-11 D.jpg

Ep. 2.12 & 2.13

CdC 2-12 Cn13.jpg

Convair 440-62 Metropolitan

Ep. 2.11
Convair 440-62 Metropolitan of Iberia-Líneas Aéreas de España in front of Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria (LPA/GCLP) / Gran Canaria Airport' control tower.

CdC 2-11 E AGC.jpg
CdC 2-11 E2.jpg

Reg. EC-ATI Convair 440-62 Metropolitan c/n 498. Ex PP-YRK and EC-WTI. Written from use in 1969 and broken up in 1973 in Madrid.

CdC 2-11 E EC-ATI.jpg

Convair 440-62 Metropolitan c/n 469 seen here as EC-ATF was first PP-YRJ (1958-1963) and once sold to Barbados, flew as 8P-SUN (1972-1975). Then N67053 until March 1982. Crashed two months later as CP-1725.

CdC 2-11 E EC-ATF.jpg
At Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur (Tenerife South Airport) (IATA: TFS, ICAO: GCTS); terminal at the Discussion tab.

Douglas DC-3A-197

Ep. 2.12

CdC 2-12 A.jpg

Reg. EC-AXS Douglas DC-3A-197 c/n 1984 of Spantax (1963-1977) but wearing a fictitious Vulcan Air Lines owner's name. In 1937, flew as NC18112 for United Airlines. Circa 1958, To Air Mauritanie with registration 5T-CAC. After Spantax, sold on the American civil market (N99210 12 years long). Later sold to Mozambique (C9-ATG) and eventually in South Africa as ZS-PAA in 1997. Undergoes a slow but thorough rebuild under a restoration project (1997-2018...).

CdC 2-12 A2 EC-AXS.jpg
Still with the Spantax's logo.

Ep. 2.13

CdC 2-13 B.jpg

de Havilland DH 82 Tiger Moth

Ep 2.12 & 2.13
Reg. G-ANBV de Havilland DH 82 Tiger Moth c/n 3375 built in 1935.

As seen in Ep. 2.12.
As seen in Ep. 2.13.

Hispano Aviación HA-1112

Ep. 2.12
Hispano HA-1112-M1L "Buchon" s/n C-4K-156 Code 471-28 ?
If right, aircraft from the 471 Esuadron de Missiones Varias, Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force), the last unit to be equipped with the type and officially handed over to the Musée de l'Air (French Air Museum, then at Meudon -not yet at Paris Le Bourget) by the Spanish government on 12 December 1967. So (always if this hypothesis is right) action shot the very last days the aircraft was at the Canary Islands.

CdC 2-12 D.jpg

CASA 2.111

Ep. 2.12

CdC 2-12 E.jpg
CdC 2-12 E2.jpg

Dassault Flamant

Ep. 2.13
Continuity error as Tanguy is piloting the Spantax / 'Vulcan Air Lines' Douglas DC-3 ... but the dropping is made by this Dassault Flamant

CdC 2-13 C.jpg

Season Three

Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

Ep. 3.01

CdC S3E01 F-104nu.jpg
CdC S3E01 F-104 86n81.jpg
CdC S3E01 F-104 97n87.jpg
CdC S3E01 F-104 14n87.jpg

Captain François « Sus » Jacobs performing an incredible “touch-roll-touch-and-go” manoeuvre. On the 2 nd of September 1968, during the filming something went wrong and Susse was killed in spite of a last-minute ejection. This ultimate action is not shown but the aerobatic is edited in two times in order to show the missing landing.

CdC S3E01 F-104 TnG.jpg

Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter

Ep. 3.01
FC09 is one of the twelve TF-104G taken on charge by the Belgian Air Force. Sixteen months later, on 19 September 1969, after experiencing heavy purpoising just after take-off, the control over the aircraft was lost and the two pilots ejected. Airframe c/n 583G-5106 was a total loss.

CdC S3E01 TF-104-FC09.jpg
CdC S3E01 TF-104.jpg

Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV

Ep. 3.01
Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV gate guardian at Beauvechain. It's a composite of Supermarine Spitfire F.XIVe SG-3 for the wing (ex-RAF RM916; under the Belgian roundel from April 1947. Belly landing on 22 February 1950 after developing engine problems (reduction gear failure)) and fuelage of Supermarine Spitfire FR.14 SG-31 (Feb 1948 > Nov 1950) code MN-L then YL-B ex-RAF RN-201 crashed at Florennes due to engine problems on 5 October 1950). The former gate guardian was painted as SG-3 and was exchanged against Fairey Battle I R3950/HA-L (ex RCAF 1558) for the benefit of the Brussels Air Museum on May 1990. Now in flying condition as N201TB after G-BSKP.
Since 2021, the Beauvechain AB got again a Spitfire ... a 1:1 resin replica of a Mk IX.

CdC S3E01 Spit.jpg

Ep. 3.02
Supermarine Spitfire FR XIVe (ex-RAF RM951). To Belgian Air Force on August 1948 as SG-57 (code UR-N and later YL-N). Due to a technical malfunction the left undercarriage leg retracted while taxiing at Florennes airbase on first June 1950. Gate guardian at Florennes AB (1952-1986) wearing RAF roundel (WW2 area).
This aircraft is now preserved at Florennes on display inside the Spitfire Museum, painted to represent Spitfire SG-49/RL-D (which had a bubble canopy), the personal mount of famous WW2 Belgian pilot Raymond Lallemand, the first commanfing officer of the base (1947-1952).


Republic F-84F Thunderstreak

Ep. 3.02
FU-152 and 052 of the actually Belgian Air Force (Dutch: Belgische Luchtmacht; French: Force aérienne belge).

CdC S3-02 A.jpg
CdC S3-02 B FU-152.jpg

Scramble for 091 and 037; in another dispersal two other aircrafts (030 and 186) are too readied for taking off.

CdC S3-02 E.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 3.02
It's supposed to be a crashed cargo plane. Seems only parts (damaged wings and ?) from Republic F-84s...

CdC S3-02 C.jpg
CdC S3-02 G.jpg

Sikorsky HSS-1

Ep. 3.02
OT-ZKE Sikorsky HSS-1 of the Belgian Air Force code B5 c/n SA146 (built under licence by Sud-Aviation, France) and written off in 1985.

CdC S3-02 D.jpg
CdC S3-02 F.jpg

Dassault Mirage G

Ep. 3.03
A single prototype, powered by a single Pratt & Whitney/SNECMA TF-306 turbofan was built and fly-tested in 1968/1970 (first flight on 18 November 1967).
The Mirage G was developed into the twin-engine Mirage G8 of which two airframes were fly-tested : G8-01 was a two-seat and is now part of Musée de l'Air of Le Bourget (Air Museum Paris-Le Bourget) ; G8-02 was a single-seat and made its first flight on 13 July 1972. If the French Air Force eventually didn't ordered them, Dassault etablished tight links with Ling-Temco-Vought and they designed the Vought V-507 competitor for the US Navy's VFX programm (eventually won by the Grumman F-14).

CdC 3-03 MirageGa.jpg
CdC 3-03 MirageGb.jpg
CdC 3-03 MirageGc.jpg
CdC 3-03 MirageGd.jpg

Ep. 3.04

CdC S3E04 C.jpg

Dassault Mirage IV A

Ep. 3.03

CdC 3-03 MirageIV.jpg

Fouga CM170R Magister

Ep. 3.03

CdC 3-03 Fouga.jpg
CdC 3-03 Fouga9.jpg
CdC 3-03 Fouga solo.jpg

Ep. 3.04

CdC S3E04 D.jpg

Ep. 3.05
Fouga CM170R Magister c/n 531 code UD (for F-TFUD) from November 1969 to June 1974. Was still flying in 1992.

CdC S3E05 A.jpg

Fouga CM170R Magister c/n 481 F-TFTF (between November 1965 and May 1972). WFU in 1998 after 8,651 flight hours.

CdC S3E05 B.jpg
CdC S3E05 C.jpg

(L to R) TV; c/n 478 TG (WFU in 1994 after 7,114 flight hours); c/n 490 (F-TE)AS which ended in a crash in December 1985 after 6,432 hours. They are in front of a camouflaged Dassault Mystère IV (background right).

CdC S3E05 D.jpg

315-PE (not identified).

CdC S3E05 D2.jpg

Beechcraft C-45 / Expeditor

Ep. 3.03
44-GR of ELA 44 Mistral which flew with several variant of the Expeditor (Canadian built) or C-45 (American ones).

CdC 3-03 Bichette292.jpg

Inside Hangar of Base aérienne 125 Istres-Le Tubé

Ep. 3.03

Lockheed L-749 Constellation

Reg. F-ZVMV Lockheed L-749 Constellation, c/n 2503 used as Turboméca engines test bed by C.E.V. between 1966 and 1974.
Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

CdC 3-03 CEV1.jpg

Robin DR253 Régent or DR300 (which subvariant ?)

(bottom) Engine covers removed showing the Lycoming four-cylinder piston engine.

CdC 3-03 CEV2.jpg
CdC 3-03 CEV2b.jpg
CdC 3-03 CEV3c.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.1500 Epervier

1 : Seen with its cowling panels removed, showing its black thin turboprop in front of ...
2 : a C.E.V. (Centre d'Essais en Vol / Air Test Center) English Electric Canberra B6;
3 (and 6) : Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star;
4 : left boom and tail of a Nord 2501 Noratlas;
5 : DayGlo Orange tail of a Mirage III.

CdC 3-03 MS1500.jpg

7 : tail of a Dassault Flamant;
8 : unidentified; maybe a Piel Emeraude (or derivative) ?

CdC 3-03 CEV3.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 3.04

CdC S3E04 A.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS-880B Rallye Club

Ep. 3.04
Reg. F-BPHS Morane-Saulnier MS-880B Rallye Club c/n 1198.

CdC S3E04 B F-BPHS MS880B.jpg

Dassault Mystère 20

Ep. 3.04

CdC S3E04 E2.jpg
CdC S3E04 E.jpg

Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina

Ep. 3.04
Reg. F-ZBAZ Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Pélican noir when on strengh with (French) Sécurité Civile as a water bomber (1968-1973).
Built for the U.S. Navy Bureau Number 64064 as Consolidated PBY-6A. Converted to PBY-5A for Canadian certification at some point and was registered to Trade Ayer, Inc on 28 May 1956 as N10011 before export to Canada (20 July 1957).
Next civil identities were CF-IZZ, F-ZBAZ (both several times due to pre-sale rental periods), then EC-940 and ventually EC-FMC.
Consensus seems to be that this aircraft was built as a PBY-6A without an allocated MSN.

CdC S3E04 F.jpg
CdC S3E04 F-ZBAZ.jpg
CdC S3E04 Z.jpg

Transall C-160F

Ep. 3.05
61-ME (F-RAME) Transall C-160F s/n F5 left the production line in September 1967. On active service with the Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) from March 1968. Was the ship with a special livery to celebrate the 500 000 flight hours / 20 years in May 1985 (special paint worn several year). Later upgraded to R05. WFU in 2005. Used as a training airframe for paratroopers until 2019 (at least).

CdC S3E05 E.jpg

Sud Aviation SA 3130 Alouette II

Ep. 3.05
166-RU Sud Aviation SA 3130 Alouette II c/n 1308 with CIEH Maurienne insignia.

CdC S3E05 F 166-RU.jpg
CdC S3E05 H.jpg
CdC S3E05 H2.jpg

Nord 2501 Noratlas

Ep. 3.05

CdC S3E05 G.jpg

Ep. 3.06

In the far background, cargo clamshell door open.

Dassault Mirage III C

Ep. 3.06

Dassault Mirage III C of EC 2/5 Ile de France (5-OL and 5-OI) hide Mirage IIIC s/n 82 (5-NI) of EC 1/5 Vendée.

CdC S3E06 OL-OI.jpg

Dassault Mirage III C 5-OA of EC 2/5 Ile de France was airframe s/n 22 (02/1968 - 08/1969).

CdC S3E06 C OA.jpg
Fitted with supersonic tank.

Ep. 3.07
A Mirage III launches a Matra R530 medium to short range air-to-air test missile.

CdC S3E07 Miss.jpg

Dassault Etendard IV

Ep. 3.06

43 (seen again in 3.07).
21 & 43.

Ep. 3.07


Breguet Br 1150 Atlantic

Ep. 3.06
Breguet Br 1150 Atlantic s/n 46.

CdC S3E06 H-46.jpg
CdC S3E06 I-46.jpg
CdC S3E06 J.jpg

Aérospatiale SA 316B Alouette III

Ep. 3.06
Aérospatiale SA 316B Alouette III matricule 29 (c/n 1029) taking off the French Aircraft Carrier Foch (R99).

Dassault Etendard IV and Breguet Br 1050 Alizé in the background.

Ep. 3.07

Other aircraft replaced ...but so numerous onlookers!
CdC S3E07 Al29b.jpg

Breguet Br 1050 Alizé

Ep. 3.06
Breguet Br 1050 Alizé #8 and #64, two of the seventy five used by Aéronautique Navale (French Fleet Air Arm).

CdC S3E06 M.jpg
CdC S3E06 M2.jpg

Breguet Br 1050 Alizé #22.

CdC S3E07 B22.jpg

Breguet Br 1050 Alizé #9.

CdC S3E07 Br9.jpg

Breguet Br 1050 Alizé #40.

CdC S3E07 Br40.jpg

Vought F-8E(FN) Crusader

Ep. 3.06
Vought F-8E(FN) Crusader #16

CdC S3E06 N.jpg

Vought F-8E(FN) Crusader #19

CdC S3E06 N19.jpg
CdC S3E06 N19B.jpg

Vought F-8E(FN) Crusader #41

CdC S3E06 N41.jpg

Ep. 3.07

CdC S3E07 A.jpg

Vought F-8E(FN) Crusader #38

CdC S3E07 A38.jpg

Pilatus PC-6/A Turbo-Porter

Ep. 3.08
Reg. F-BJSZ Pilatus PC-6/A Turbo-Porter c/n 525.91 of Air Alpes (not yet named Courchevel -only in 1971-). It was the first Pilatus fitted with a turboprop Turbomeca Astazou IIE in May 1961. In service with Air Alpes for fifteen years (25 January 1962 - 13 May 1977).
In fact, probably stopped following the accident which occured on Sunday 9 June 1974 at Saint-Jean-d'Ardières near Lyon, France (two fatalities on the eight on board).

CdC 3-08 AirAlpes.jpg
CdC 3-08 AirBJSZ.jpg

Sud Aviation SA 313 Alouette II

Ep. 3.08
Alouette II 68-RZ of Armée de l'Air (French Air Force).

CdC 3-08 Al2-68.jpg

Unidentified (F-MJAW ?) Alouette II of Gendarmerie Nationale (French Military Police).

CdC 3-08 G.jpg

Sikorsky H-34

Ep. 3.08

CdC 3-08 B.jpg
CdC 3-08 B2.jpg
CdC 3-08 B3.jpg

And now flying with two Alouette IIs.

CdC 3-08 D.jpg

Max Holste MH.1521 Broussard

Ep. 3.08

CdC 3-08 Br.jpg

(episodes 3.09 to 3.13 coming soon with ...)

North American Aviation NA-50

== English Electric Canberra ==

Dassault Mirage V P

Cessna T-41 Mescalero (172)

T-33, Cherokee, Braniff International Airways, F-BJTA Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle III Antilles, Cessna 150/152 ...

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