Les faucheurs de marguerites

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Les faucheurs de marguerites title screen.

TV Series (1974)
German title : Pioniere der Fliegerei
Italian title : I falciatori di margherite

Bruno Pradal (Édouard Dabert)
Christine Wodetzky (Jeanne Dabert)
Philippe Rouleau (Louis Blériot)
Clément Michu (Jules Joly, the camera operator)

Through the life of the fictionous aviation enthusiast Édouard Dabert, the story of aviation from the very beginning until the eve of the World War One.
Nota : most of the aircrafts seen are replicas built for the TV series. Sometimes, the director used aircraft modified to act as the historical aircraft; it's the basic airframe which is here identified (with the suggested model between parenthesis).

Episode 1

Otto Lilienthal Segelflugzeug N°13

LF2M E1 00001.jpg

Otto Lilienthal Segelflugzeug N°3

LF2M E1 00002.jpg

This replica is used after the Segelflugzeug N°11 for screenplay purpose but is chronologically false.

LF2M E1 00010.jpg

Otto Lilienthal Segelflugzeug N°11

LF2M E1 00003.jpg

Replica built for the Series.

LF2M E1 00004.jpg
LF2M E1 00008.jpg

Episode 2

Ader Avion III

LF2M E2 00003.jpg
LF2M E2 00005.jpg
LF2M Epi2 00001.jpg

Voisin-Dabert (fictional)

LF2M Epi2 00002.jpg
LF2M Epi2 00003.jpg

Ferber Aéroplane No.6

LF2M Epi2 00005.jpg

Ferber Aéroplane No.8

Or maybe the next aircraft, the Ferber IX ?

LF2M Epi2 00006.jpg

Voisin Planeur

LF2M Epi2 00007.jpg

Episode 3

Wright Flyer (replica)

This replica was built for the Series and was used several times with slight changes to act as various aircrafts of the Wright Brothers. At first, it's the 1903 Wright Flyer layout (but once on the air, the pilot is seated, no more lying like on the second screenshot.

LF2M E3 00001.jpg
LF2M E3 00002 Flyer.jpg

Hydravion Voisin Archdeacon (replica)

A floatplane glider tow by a fast canot powered by a 150 hp Panhard engine.
Same aircraft seen in other movies - IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

LF2M E3 00003 Voisin 1905.jpg
LF2M E3 00004 Voisin 1905.jpg
LF2M E3 00005 1stFly.jpg

Episode 4

The Albatross

Several times, the series refers to Jules Verne's books. In this episode, Julien, the son of Edouard Dabert, is playing with a wood model of the Albatross, the flying ship of Robur the Conqueror. This book is too the basis of the screenplay of Master of the World.

LF2M E4 01 Albatros.jpg

Ferber Aéroplane No.6 (model)

LF2M E4 02.jpg

Santos Dumont 14-bis (replica)

Designed to fly, the 14 bis was tested step by step, first between two pylons then hung under the soft airship N° 14. The series just shows these first trials. Eventually, the type succeeded to perform several flights at the end of 1906.

LF2M E4 03.jpg

Seen later for the first successful flight on 23 October 1906. The most known flight of 220 meters occured on 12 November 1906.

LF2M E4 08.jpg

Ferber 'Aéroplane' No.8 (or N° 9 ?)

LF2M E4 04 Ferber8.jpg

Vuia I

Aircraft of the Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer who designed, built and tested this first aircraft in 1905.

LF2M E4 05 Vuia.jpg

Blériot IV

Former Blériot III was modified and renamed Blériot IV. First flight on October 1906, still with the floats, its trials failed too.

LF2M E4 06 .jpg

Later, on November 1906, the floats were replaced by wheels but the plane hit an obstacle during a ground run and was damaged beyond repair.
Probably the same replica (modified) used on episode 3.

LF2M E4 00007 Bleriot.jpg
LF2M E4 CIMG5579.jpg

Voisin Delagrange I

First a model.

LF2M E4 09 V-D.jpg

Flying Replica.

LF2M E4 10 V-D.jpg
LF2M E4 11 V-D.jpg

End of the flight with a very warm welcome from Dabert driving a car (some other examples on the discussion tab).

LF2M E4 12 auto.jpg

Episode 5

Santos Dumont 14-bis (replica)

LF2MS1E5 14bis.jpg

Various Models

Several balloons (only their gondolas are visible on this medium shot) and behind Édouard Dabert we guess the model of the spaceship from From the Earth to the Moon, the famous Jules Verne's book. It's the secret greenhouse where the young Julien Daber builts these models.

LF2MS1E5 studio.jpg

Unidentified Zeppelin

Perhaps LZ-5 ?

LF2MS1E5 Zep.jpg

Replica Made For Movie (no gas).

LF2MS1E5 Zep2.jpg

Archive footage.

LF2MS1E5 Zep3.jpg
LF2MS1E5 Zep3-1.jpg

Zeppelin LZ 17 Sachsen

To illustrate the Zeppelin LZ 3 subject of the trials of Count von Zeppelin.

LF2MS1E5 Zep4.jpg

Dabert 2

Fictionous aircraft "Made for Movie" based on the Voisin-Delagrange aircraft. This airframe is now in Belgium after a deep work to change into the replica of the belgian pioneer De Caters's Voisin aircraft.

LF2MS1E5 Dabert2.jpg
LF2MS1E5 Dabert2a.jpg

Santos-Dumont No. 19 Demoiselle

Seen again in Le temps des as Episodes 1 and 2.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

LF2MS1E5 Demoiselle.jpg

Antoinette IV (Replica ?)

In fact, this aircraft is the merge of the fuselage of the real Antoinette VII with brand new wings. It acts as the Antoinette IV of July 1909. This aircraft is now part of the Le Bourget Air and Space Museum collection, as seen in Roland Garros : l'embrasseur de nuages.

LF2MS1E5 antoinette.jpg

Episode 6

Dabert is in America to witness Wright Brothers trials. As they refuse, he shows them several european progress to stimulate their pride.

Ferber Aéroplane No.8 (or N° 9 ?)

LF2MS1E6 A1.jpg

Farman HF.3

LF2MS1E6 Farman3.jpg

Aerial Experiment Association (Curtiss) June Bug

Well ... this flight didn't occured in Europe, of course !

LF2MS1E6 G-Curtiss.jpg
LF2MS1E6 Glenn-Curtiss2.jpg
LF2MS1E6 Glenn-CurtissAr.jpg

Hydravion Voisin Archdeacon

LF2MS1E6 planeur.jpg

Voisin Farman I

LF2MS1E6 Voisin.jpg

Wright Flyer A (replica)

This replica (see above Episode 3) is acting this time as the Flyer A used during first flight demonstration in August 1908 in France.

LF2MS1E6 Wright2a.jpg
LF2MS1E6 Wright2.jpg

Of course, the pilot is no more lying down but is seated.

LF2MS1E6 Wright Bro.jpg

Takeoff ! For security reason (?), the replica has now wheels !

LF2MS1E6 Wright 17aout08.jpg

Once in flight, the Flyer has still these wheels like the Flyer B. We are still in August 1908 but the screenplay refers in fact to the flight record of September 1908 in France.

LF2MS1E6 Wright record.jpg

Episode 7

Blériot XI

Reg. F-PERV (later F-AZBA) built in 1919.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).


Antoinette IV (Replica ?)

Reputedly the fuselage and engine of a real one with rebuilt wings. As only five Antoinette have been built, this example did not flew. Probably the one seen nowadays at Le Bourget (Paris) Air and Space Museum.

LF2MS1E7 antoinette.jpg

The trial to cross the Channel (La Manche) failed and we look an archive footage of the real wrecked Antoinette IV.

LF2MS1E7 antoinette carcasse.jpg

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