Luciano Serra, pilota

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Luciano Serra, pilota movie poster.

Movie (1938)
English title: Luciano Serra, Pilot
French title: Luciano Serra, pilote

Amedeo Nazzari (Luciano Serra)
Germana Paolieri (Sandra Serra)
Roberto Villa (Aldo Serra)
Mario Ferrari (Colonnello Franco Morelli)

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SIAI S.16 Ter

LSP SIAI-S16-3.jpg
LSP SIAI-S16ter.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.56

LSP SM-56.jpg
LSP SM-56b.jpg
LSP SM-56c.jpg

Fokker F.VIIb/3M

Aerea Panamericana is a fictitious airline.

LSP Fokker VIIb3m.jpg

Fiat CR.32

LSP Fiat CR-32.jpg

Ryan Brougham B5

LSP Ryan-Brougham B5.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

LSP what.jpg

Romeo Ro.1

Fokker C.V E built in Italy by OFM (Officine Ferroviarie Meridionali, later IMAM) under licence in 1927.

LSP Romeo Ro1.jpg
LSP Romeo Ro1a.jpg
LSP Romeo Ro1b.jpg
LSP Romeo Ro1c.jpg

Caproni Ca.111

In the background, with the Romeo Ro.1 taxiing at right.

LSP Romeo Ro1 Caproni Ca-111.jpg

Caproni Ca.133

LSP Caproni Ca-133.jpg
LSP Caproni Ca-133b.jpg
LSP Caproni Ca-133c.jpg
LSP Caproni Ca-133d.jpg

Caproni A.P.1

LSP Caproni AP1.jpg
LSP Caproni AP-1.jpg

Breda Ba.65

LSP Breda Ba-65a.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.79

LSP SM-79.jpg

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