On Deadly Ground

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On Deadly Ground theatrical movie poster.

Movie (1994)

Steven Seagal (Forrest Taft)
Michael Caine (Michael Jennings)
Joan Chen (Masu)
John C. McGinley (MacGruder)
R. Lee Ermey (Stone)
Sharri Shattuck (Ms. Liles)

Former CIA operative Forrest Taft works as a fire-prevention specialist for Aegis Oil in Alaska. When his friend, who works as a rig foreman, is murdered he realizes Aegis' CEO Michael Jennings is scheming to steal land away from the Inuits, in order to build a new super-rig.

Bell 412

Aegis Oil helicopter that serves as Jennings' personal transport, used in several scenes. Reg. N416EH, Serial 33011.

Reg. N416EH Bell 412 of Era Helicopters.
Reg. N416EH Bell 412 of Era Helicopters.
Reg. N416EH Bell 412 of Era Helicopters.

Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois

Stone and his men arrive in this helicopter. It is later used to track Taft and Masu in the wilderness, and crashes in an explosion set off by Taft. Reg. N102FW (now N65SP), Serial 425.


Bell 206 JetRanger

MacGruder and Miss Liles attempt to escape in this helicopter. Taft shoves MacGruder into the tail rotor. Fake Reg. N416EH (identical to the Bell 412 above).


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