Roman Holiday

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Roman Holiday movie poster.

Movie (1953)

French title : Vacances romaines

Audrey Hepburn (Princess Ann)
Gregory Peck (Joe Bradley)
Eddie Albert (Irving Radovich)
Hartley Power (Hennessy, Joe's editor)

Princess Ann is tired by her diplomatic role and duties. At the favour of a night in Roma, she escapes the palace and discovers the life of ordinary people. Unknown to the italian people, she's free. Until she meets a reporter.

Breda-Zappata BZ.308

There is a rear passenger access like those of Boeing 727 and Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle. Only one exemplary of this Italian four-engined airliner was produced by Breda in 1948. Following a poor landing in Mogadishu, it was left there in 1954 then broken up.

VacRom RF-1.jpg
VacRom RF-2.jpg

Douglas DC-3

Air France, perhaps F-OAIC ?

Douglas DC-3 of Air France.

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