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Щит отечества DVD cover.

Movie (2007)
English title : Shield of the Fatherland
Russian title : Щит отечества

Alex Senchilo (Alex Strizhev)
Anatoliy Kot (Knyazev)
Veronica Plyashkevich (Marina)

A program to detect and help master ingenior among officers is the goal of jealousy and spying due to lot of money and world tensions.

Boeing AH-64 Apache

A fight in Iraq in 1991.

Aero L-39C

L-39C Aerobatics team of the Belarusian Air Force.

Shhit L-39C 0h21m57.JPG
Shhit L-39C 0h22m01.JPG
Shhit L-39C 0h22m16.JPG

Mil Mi-24

During fighting in Yugoslavia.
Overflying Russian tanks during an exercise.

Mil Mi-26

RA-06253 in colors of the UN forces.
Standart paint scheme.

Mil Mi-8

A CGI scene.

Ilyushin Il-76MD

Shhit Il76MD 0h07m35.JPG

Mikoyan MiG-29

Shhit Mig29-0h00m55.JPG
Shhit Mig29-0h02m33.JPG

Sukhoi Su-27

Shhit Su27 0h43m11.JPG
Shhit Su27 0h43m41.JPG

Sukhoi Su-27 UB

The biplace variant, Su-27 UB.

Shhit Su27UB 0h54m02.JPG

Tupolev Tu-134A-3

Registration EW-65149, c/n 61033.

Reg. EW-65149 Tupolev Tu-134A-3 of Belavia.

Tupolev Tu-154M

Registration EW-85706, c/n 91A881.

Reg. EW-85706 Tupolev Tu-154M of Belavia.
A CGI scene as proves the wrong cinematic of the main undercarriage.

Boeing 747

Shhit unk 0h22m53.JPG

Various aeronautical features

Air to air missiles.

R73 AKA AA-11 Archer in NATO code.
R27 alias AA-10 Alamo.
R73 ?

SAMs and AAA.

S-125 missiles part of the SA-3 Goa system in NATO intelligence coding.
S-300/400/500 SAM family, alias SA-12 or SA-20 or SA-21 in NATO code name.
Anti Aircraft Artillery ZSU 23-2 (Irak 1991 to be kind withe the scenario).
9K22 / 2K22 (known as 2S6 by NATO) with 2 x 30 mm guns and 8 x 9M311 AAM.
SA-8 Gecko, native name : 9K33.
According to the scenario: Yugoslavia, 1999.

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