Sluchay v kvadrate 36-80

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Sluchay v kvadrate 36-80 (Случай в квадрате 36-80) movie poster.

Movie (1982)
Russian title : Случай в квадрате 36-80
English title : incident in grid square 36-80

Boris Shcherbakov (Major Gennady Volk)
Volontirn Mihai (Captain Sergey Skiba)
Anatoly Kuznetsov (Major General Pavlov)
Omar Volmer (Admiral Rink)

Once patroling near a soviet area of exercice, a US nuclear submarine suffered trouble with its reactor. Forced to surface, it denied the soviet help but a fierce fire put the missile on automatic launch. So the soviet navy shoot the two misssile then help the crew in distress as the submarine sunks.

Ilyushin Il-38

Cock ASW aircraft # 32 is playing a US Orion.
Aircraft # 33 worns more complete stenciling.
The aircraft tried to keep russian helpers away of the distress submarine.
Il-38 0h42m58.jpg

Tupolev Tu-16

The pilot's station.
The navigator's station.

Walk around...

Engines overhaul.
Rear crewman boarding.
Rear turret.
Taking off, underbelly view.

Tupolev Tu-16Z

Several variants of the Badger are seen throughout the movie.
The Z refueler mark (Z for Zaprahvshchik tanker).

Tu-16Z 0h41m56.jpg
Soviet air force used a specific way for air refueling; a complete sequence displays step by step their know-how.
Tu-16Z-refueling-step2 0h45m07.jpg
Tu-16Z-refueling-step3 0h45m08.jpg
Tu-16Z step4 0h25m55.jpg

Tupolev Tu-16 Yolka

The ECM aircraft.

Tu-16 Yolka
Tu-16E at right, easily identified by the fairing under the air intake.

Tupolev Tu-16S

The SAR aircraft.

Close-up on the Fregat lifeboat.
Tu-16S 0h36mn.jpg
Dropping the Fregat.

Tupolev Tu-16K-10

The missile carrier.

Note the unsual pods just in front of air intakes.

Yakovlev Yak-38

Yak-38 0h52m25.jpg
Yak-38 tractor 0h52m31.jpg
Yak-38 0h52m39.jpg
Yak-38 0h54m20.jpg
Yak-38 hoovering 0h55m03.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-38U

The biplace Yak-38U at left.

Kamov Ka-25

Baptised Helix by NATO.
Ka-25 0h53m10.jpg

KIEV class vessel

We can see Yak-38 Forgers and Helix on its deck.

The famous Kiev carrier with a false code (real one : 075).

SA-N-3A anti-aircraft missile

SA-N-3A fire.jpg

SS-N-3C ground-to-ground missile

This soviet ground-to-ground missile in its naval variant is used to represent a american balistic missile fired following a technical failure.

Mil Mi-14

Mi-14 0h59m28bis.JPG

Mil Mi-8

As the former crew is boarding and the Mi-14 is taking off, we can see Mi-8 Hips in the background.

Mil Mi-6

Probably the giant helicopter in the foggy background.

Sukhoi Su-9

A glimpse scene showing the rare Su-9.
Same archive seen in Vizhu Tsel! - IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Su-9 0h54m10.jpg

Tupolev Tu-95

Last sight before the end.

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