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Submerged movie poster.

Movie (2005)

William Hope (Agent Fletcher)
Steven Seagal (Chris Cody)
Christine Adams (Dr. Susan Chappell)
Nick Brimble (Adrian Lehder)
Vinnie Jones (Henry)
Alison King (Damita)

Chris Cody, an incarcerated special forces commando leader, is offered a pardon by the US Navy if he and his team can rescue a group of American soldiers held prisoner by Jorge Hilan, a rogue Uruguayan army colonel. What nobody suspects however is that the soldiers have been brainwashed by Adrian Lehder, a scientist specializing in mind control who is working with Hilan, turning them into mindless assassins.

AAI RQ-7B Shadow 200

An aerial drone sent to spy out Colonel Hilan's base for signs of Lehder.

RQ-7B Shadow 200 UAV in the foreground.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21

This jet shoots down the American embassy's aerial drone as it snaps photos of Hilan's base. It is mostly rendered in CGI.

Behind the drone.
CGI model.

Sikorsky UH-60 BlackHawk

This helicopter flies Colonel Sharpe's team into Uruguay and drops them off.

CGI model.

Cody's team fly into Uruguay aboard this helicopter.


Mil Mi-8

Seen flying overhead during the riot outside the Uruguayan presidential building.


Boeing E-3 Sentry

Seen used to trace Cody's call to Lehder, leading Cody to Kelin Dyle.


Bell 430

Lehder tries to leave Kelin Dyle at the end in this helicopter, but Cody crashes Sandrow's BMW into it.


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