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Order of Battle

Few movies are displaying a so wide range of aircraft and helicopter. Most of them are seen through promotional movie of many US service (USAF, Navy, Marines Corps, NASA, ...). The story is weak and edition done with low (or strange) requirement as we often see an action from the desert switching to a temperate area and next again above dry ground. Aircraft operating the samme raid are changing from a footage to another one ...
Usually on IMPDB, we put aircraft following the order of appearance and listing all airframes of the same type in a single section. Here, there are so many alternations with so many materials that it would be difficult to place one action in relation to another.
The inventory is therefore conducted chronologically in order to help situate one appearance in relation to others.
Several times, the image is flipped (tail rotor on the wrong side; MARINES written backwards ...).
If most of the time we watch active machine, we too find some of which have been out of service for over a decade.
LVCDC (talk) 05:47, 26 December 2021 (MST)