The Aeronauts

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The Aeronauts movie poster.

Movie (2019)
Russian title : Аэронавты

Felicity Jones (Amelia)
Eddie Redmayne (James Glaisher)
Himesh Patel (John Trew, James's friend)
Tom Courtenay (Arthur Glaisher, James's father)

Loosely based on the 5 September 1862 flight of British aeronauts James Glaisher and Henry Coxwell but Coxwell has been replaced by Amelia, a fictional character. Of course, the critical part of the flight led to excessive dramatization but the loss of consciouness of the heroes is real.

Balloon Models

Since the Montgolfier brothers flight, flying was a highly popular idea that led to the marketing of a wide variety of balloon-related products and souvenirs, mostly engravings and plates, here symbolized by these paper (?) models.

TheAeronauts 01.jpg

Hydrogen Balloon

The historical flight that achieved a record altitude was done with a coal gas-filled balloon.

TheAeronauts 02.jpg
TheAeronauts 04.jpg
TheAeronauts 05.jpg

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