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The Champions TV Series poster.

TV Series (1968-1969)

Stuart Damon (Craig Stirling)
Alexandra Bastedo (Sharron Macready)
William Gaunt (Richard Barrett)
Anthony Nicholls (Cmdr. W.L. Tremayne)
Claudia Dell (Fay Temple)
Harry Strang (Joe Breeze)

Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett were agents for Nemesis, an international intelligence organization based in Geneva. Their first mission as a team was to investigate some potentially lethal experiments in Communist China, but when they were escaping, their plane was damaged. They crashed into a remote part of the Himalayas where they were rescued by members an unknown civilization. They came away from the encounter with superhuman powers - telepathy, superior strength, memory, etc - and returned to the outside world as "Champions of law, order and justice", to quote the series' opening.

Season One

Armstrong Whitworth A.W.660 Argosy C Mk.1

Ep.1.11 The Dark Island

Armstrong Whitworth AW.660 Argosy C Mk.1 of the Royal Air Force.

Sud Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II

Ep.1.12 The Fanatics
Registration G-AVEE; Serial no. 1302.
Used in other productions see IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft

Reg. G-AVEE Sud Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II of Air Gregory Ltd.
Reg. G-AVEE Sud Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II of Air Gregory Ltd.

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk & Grumman E-1 Tracer

Ep.1.14 The Search

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk of the US Navy.

Please note between the two Skyhawk, in the background, a Grumman E-1 Tracer with its upper black radome.

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk of the US Navy.

McDonnell Douglas F-4D Phantom II & Vought F-8 Crusader

Ep.1.14 The Search

McDonnell Douglas F-4D Phantom II and Vought F-8 Crusader of the US Navy.

Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle VI-N

Ep.1.15 The Gilded Cage
At Aéroport International de Génève/Aéroport de Genève-Cointrin(GVA/LSGG).

Reg. OO-SRA Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle VI-N of SABENA-Société Anonyme Belge d’Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne.

Boeing 707-321

Ep.1.16 Shadow of the Panther

Douglas DC-8-33

Ep.1.19 The interrogation

Hawker Siddeley HS.121 Trident 1C

Ep.1.20 The Silent Enemy
Also seen in The Baron an Man in a Suitcase - IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Hawker-Siddeley HS.121 Trident 1C of BEA-British European Airways.

North American F-100C Super Sabre

Ep.1.20 The Silent Enemy
USAF registration 54-1970.
Also seen in The Protectors. See IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft

North American F-100D Super Sabre of the USAF.

Avro Vulcan B.2

Ep.1.20 The Silent Enemy

Avro Vulcan B.2 of the Royal Air Force.
Avro Vulcan B.2 of the Royal Air Force.

De Havilland DH125 Jet Dragon

Prototype of the HS.125 designated DH125 Jet Dragon throughout the development of the aircraft from 1962 to 1964.
Ep.1.20 The Silent Enemy

De Havilland DH125 Jet Dragon.
De Havilland DH125 Jet Dragon.
De Havilland DH125 Jet Dragon.
De Havilland DH125 Jet Dragon.

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