The Last Drop (2005)

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The Last Drop movie poster.

TV Movie (2005)
Also known as:
Opération Matchbox
The Last Mission – Das Himmelfahrtskommando

Laurence Fox (SS Major Klaus Kessler)
Louis Dempsey (Snyder)
Lucy Gaskell (Benitta)
David Ginola (Cpl Dieter Max)

During Operation Market Garden, a special commando in a Horsa is diverted from the main objective to retrieve a horde of Dutch gold and art treasures. In the idst of the german counter-offensive and struggling with some german renegates, the mission couldn't be easy !

Airspeed AS.51 Horsa I

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TLD2005 Horsa1.jpg

CGI view of the cockpit.

TLD2005 HorsaInside.jpg

Short S.29 Stirling

TLD2005 Stirling.jpg

A Stirling taking off, towing a Horsa.

TLD2005 StirlingHorsa.jpg

Avro Lancaster

A Lancaster towing a Horsa.

TLD2005 Twin-Horsa.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

TLD2005 what.jpg

Douglas C-47

Computer generated images.

TLD2005 C-47 Horsa.jpg

Focke-Wulfe Fw 190A

Computer generated images.

TLD2005 german2.jpg
TLD2005 german3.jpg

Antonov An-2

Acting as a Junkers Ju-52/3m on floats. The shape is used through a CGI (or green background capture) for all flying scenes. Nearly no hydroplaning is shown.

TLD2005 hydro.jpg
TLD2005 hydro7.jpg

Some shots are live action and help to realise the heavy redesign : upper wing removed (half the bracing is kept), two (fake) engines added on the wing, the unrealistic floats positioned well back .

TLD2005 hydro2.jpg
TLD2005 hydro5.jpg
TLD2005 hydro6.jpg

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