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Last updated on 7 July 2019.

The Magnificent Kotobuki poster.

Animated Series (2019)
Japanese title: 荒野のコトブキ飛行隊

Sayumi Suzushiro (Kylie)
Eri Yukimura (Emma)
Sayaka Nakaya (Kate)
Asami Seto (Reona)

In a desolate land, people trade goods with each other to survive. Goods are transported via huge zeppelins which hire squadrons of fighter pilots for defense against air pirates and carry their single-engine fighter planes on board. One of these is the Kotobuki Squadron, a team of six young women.

Note: This is an animated film. The aircraft shown in it are therefore not actual aircraft, however, where a reasonable depiction of an actual aircraft has been created, it has been identified as best as possible.

Nakajima Ki-43-I Hayabusa

Main plane of the Kotobuki Squadron, appears in most episodes.

2019-07-03 00h17 38.jpg
2019-07-03 00h34 50.jpg
TMK Ki-43 3.jpg

[[|thumb|500px|none|]] [[|thumb|500px|none|]]

Fictional Airship "Hagoromo Maru"

Base of operations for the Kotobuki Squadron, seen in most episodes.

2019-07-03 00h25 54.jpg
TMK Airships 2.jpg
TMK Airships 3.jpg
TMK Airship 4.jpg


Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero

Ep. 1 Moonlit Guns For Hire

2019-07-03 00h20 15.jpg
2019-07-03 00h20 45.jpg
2019-07-03 00h21 04.jpg
2019-07-03 00h22 00.jpg
2019-07-03 00h27 02.jpg

Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero

Ep. 1 Moonlit Guns For Hire

2019-07-03 00h23 24.jpg
2019-07-03 00h27 53.jpg
2019-07-03 00h28 19.jpg

Kawanishi N1K1-J Shiden

Ep. 1 Moonlit Guns For Hire

2019-07-03 00h12 45.jpg
2019-07-03 00h18 47.jpg
2019-07-03 00h19 01.jpg
2019-07-03 00h19 23.jpg
2019-07-03 00h19 44.jpg

Tachikawa Ki-9

Ep. 1 Moonlit Guns For Hire

2019-07-03 00h32 05.jpg

Ep. 3 Rahama's Longest Day [[|thumb|500px|none|]] [[|thumb|500px|none|]] [[|thumb|500px|none|]] [[|thumb|500px|none|]]

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 1 Moonlit Guns For Hire

2019-07-03 00h32 24.jpg

Nakajima Ki-44-II ko Shōki

Ep. 2 The Wandering Six

TMK Ki-44 1.jpg
TMK Ki-44 2.jpg
TMK Ki-44 3.jpg
TMK Ki-44 4.jpg
TMK Ki-44 5.jpg

Kawasaki Ki-61-I-Hei Hien

Ep. 2 The Wandering Six

TMK Ki-61 1.jpg
TMK Ki-61 2.jpg
TMK Ki-61 3.jpg
TMK Ki-61 4.jpg
TMK Ki-61 5.jpg

Yokosuka D4Y2 Suisei

Ep. 3 Rahama's Longest Day [[|thumb|500px|none|]] [[|thumb|500px|none|]]

Nakajima Ki-43-III Hayabusa

Ep. 3 Rahama's Longest Day [[|thumb|500px|none|]] [[|thumb|500px|none|]]

Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden

Ep. 3 Rahama's Longest Day [[|thumb|500px|none|]] [[|thumb|500px|none|]]

Nakajima Ki-27

Ep. 3 Rahama's Longest Day [[|thumb|500px|none|]] [[|thumb|500px|none|]]

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