Top of the World (1955)

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Top of the World movie poster.

Movie (1955)

Dale Robertson (Major Lee Gannon)
Frank Lovejoy (Major Brad Cantrell)
Nancy Gates (Lt. Mary Ross)
Evelyn Keyes (Virgie Rayne)

The commander of a hotshot (but aging) pilot decides he doesn't have the reflexes for flying jets, and sends him to support a scientific effort in the Arctic.

Cessna LC-126R

Military version of the Cessna 195 on skis: Shows it landing in an open field and taking off again, with the pilot rocking the elevators and rudders to keep the skis from sticking.
Registration 91953, c/n 49-1953. Same aircraft seen in other movies - IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg. 91953 Cessna LC-126R of the USAF-Air Rescue Service.

Boeing SB-17G Flying Fortress

Arctic SAR versions of the B-17. "Cockpit" scenes appear to be using a C-47.
Registration 483595, c/n 44-83595.

Reg. 483595 Boeing SB-17G Flying Fortress of the USAF-Air Research Squadron.

North American F-82H Twin Mustang

Several scenes on the ground, taxiing, takeoff, inflight, and landing.

North American F-82H Twin Mustang of the USAF.

Waco G-15A

Scenes taking off, on tow, and landing. Aircraft is in Arctic colors.
Registration AR451, c/n 45-5451. CG-15A redisignated C-15A in 1948, development of the former CG-4A.

Reg. AR451 Waco G-15A of the USAF-Air Rescue Service.

Douglas C-47B Skytrain

Scenes of several C-47s in Arctic paint, including the landing of a ski-equipped example.
Registration 5894, c/n 45-894.

Reg. 5894 Douglas C-47B Skytrain of the USAF-Air Rescue Service.

Convair B-36C Peacemaker

Movie ends with ground footage of flyby by formation of early B-36s (no jet engines).

Convair B-36C Peacemaker.

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