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Tyazhinnya Russian (Prityazhenie (2009)) movie poster.

Movie (2009)
Ukrainian title : Тяжіння
Russian title : Притяжение (2009)
International title : Attraction

Olga Krasko (Masha Nesterova)
Valentin Gaft (Alexander Nikolaevich)
Konstantin Vorobev (Igor Sergeevich Nesterov)
Sergey Romanyuk (Ivan Bogdanovich)

The flight attendant Masha is taking off when his lover dies in a car accident. He's already burried when she comes back. A strange quest is starting, pushing Masha to find and meet Alexander, an old man who has her picture in hand ...

Tupolev Tu-154M

Masha is a flight attendant aboard a Tupolev Tu-154 ...

Tyazhinnya09 Tu154.jpg

A passing aircraft when she's later sitting on a bench.

Tyazhinnya09 Tu154TO.jpg

Boeing 737

Despite working on a Tupolev Tu-154, we just watching a white tail Boeing 737 taxiing ...

Tyazhinnya09 Taxiing.jpg

... taking off ...

Tyazhinnya09 B737.jpg

... and landing (now with a blue tail !).

Tyazhinnya09 B737L.jpg

The Director's Office

Ilyushin Il-86

Desk Model.

Ryan NYP Spirit of Saint-Louis

Desk Model.

Various Pictures on the Wall

Unidentified Dassault Falcon.

Tyazhinnya09 Falcon.jpg

(top, left to right) unidentified / a stunt boarding a plane from a car (1920's ?) / Wright Flyer ; (bottom) well known picture of barnstormers playing tennis on the high wing of a Curtiss Jenny.

Tyazhinnya09 wall.jpg

Boeing 747.

Tyazhinnya09 B747.jpg

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