Untamed Women

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Untamed Women movie poster.

Movie (1952)

Mikel Conrad (Captain Steve Holloway)
Doris Merrick (Sandra)
Richard Monahan (Benny)
Mark Lowell (Ed)


Boeing B-29 Superfortress

First shot ... but a continuity error !

UntamedWomen 00418.jpg

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is seen through shot made with a real aircraft (gunners stations, ditching) or through a set (of poor quality) or a model.

UntamedWomen 00422.jpg
UntamedWomen 00425.jpg
UntamedWomen 00615.jpg
Ejection of the life raft.
UntamedWomen 00650.jpg

The movie was filmed in one week at a time the B-17 was nearly phased out of all the US forces (Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard), being only used for Search and Rescue or as Drone. Several action are taken from other movies (eruption, dinausor) and the ditching is from a movie used for instruction purpose : War Office's movie Training Film I-3385 (1944) ... including the bomb run on the enemy vessel action. Only the cockpit shooting was a new material as the captain is the main character and the face couldn't be the same of the instructional film.

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