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Walker, Texas Ranger series one DVD boxset.

TV Series (1993-2001)

Chuck Norris (Cordell Walker)
Clarence Gilyard, Jr. (James Trivette)
Sheree J. Wilson (Alex Cahill)
Noble Willingham (C.D. Parker)

A legendary Texas Ranger and his young partner battle crime and evil.

Series Two

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50

Ep.2.05 End Run

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50.
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50.

Bell 206B JetRanger II

Ep.2.07 She'll Do to Ride the River With
Various JetRangers are seen in this series.
Registration N970FM; C/N 1839.

Walker 2.07 N970FM.jpg

Registration N91L; C/N 788 - By far the most frequently seen of all the helicopters (It is commonly used by both villains AND the good guys.) This screen is from 2.11.

Walker 2.11 N91L.jpg

Ep.2.21 Rampage

WTR 2.21 JetRanger.jpg

Robinson R22 Beta

Ep.2.14 On Deadly Ground
Seen a number of times around the compound of a Mexican drug lord.
Registration N40419. Serial number 1617.

WTR 2.14 R22.jpg
WTR 2.14 R22 2.jpg
WTR 2.14 R22 3.jpg
WTR 2.14 R22 4.jpg

Aerospatiale 350D AStar

Ep.2.14 The Prodigal Son
Used by mafia goons to pursue a teenage boy whom Walker is trying to help.
Registration N35974. Serial number 1135.

WTR 2.16 AS350.jpg
WTR 2.16 AS350 2.jpg
WTR 2.16 AS350 3.jpg
WTR 2.16 AS350 4.jpg
WTR 2.16 AS350 5.jpg

Airbus A300

Ep.2.19 Skyjacked
Walker and Trivette have to transport a prisoner back to Texas but a group of his allies skyjack the plane they are traveling on. Exterior shots are a mess with multiple planes being used to depict the main jet. This is the first jet to depict it.

WTR 2.19 Jet.jpg
WTR 2.19 Jet 2.jpg
WTR 2.19 Jet 3.jpg

Boeing 707-121

Ep.2.19 Skyjacked
The second plane used to depict Walker's Skyjacked jet is this. It obviously not the same as the first, due to it having four engines rather than two. One would guess Pan American's livery.

WTR 2.19 2 Jet.jpg
WTR 2.19 2 Jet 2.jpg
WTR 2.19 2 Jet 3.jpg

Airbus A310

Ep.2.19 Skyjacked
A third plane used to depict the plane on the ground. This is actually used rather than being shown in stock footage.

WTR 2.19 3 Jet.jpg
WTR 2.19 3 Jet 2.jpg
WTR 2.19 3 Jet 3.jpg

Probably the same aircraft used for interior shots.

WTR 2.19 3 Jet 4.jpg

McDonnell Douglas DC-9

Ep.2.19 Skyjacked
Yet another jet, this one is shown landing at the airport.

McDonnell Douglas DC-9 of Northwest Airlines.

Ep.2.22 The Reunion

McDonnell Douglas DC-9 of TWA-Trans World Airlines.

Boeing 747-284B

Ep.2.19 Skyjacked
Seen in the background. Registration N305TW, c/n 20742 built in 1973.

Reg. N305TW Boeing 747-284B of TWA-Trans World Airlines.

Cessna 206

Seen in the background at the airport in Skyjacked.
Registration N5237U. C/N 206-0237.

WTR 2.19 Cessna.jpg

Cessna R182 Skylane RG

Ep.2.19 Skyjacked
Seen in the background at the airport.
Registration N737FT. C/N R182-00822. Now registered G-BYEM.

WTR 2.19 2 Cessna.jpg

Piper PA-28 Cherokee

Ep.2.19 Skyjacked
Seen in the background at the airport.

WTR 2.19 Cherokee.jpg

Boeing 737-300

Ep.2.22 The Reunion

WTR 2.22 Un.jpg

Series Three

Bell 222UT

Ep.3.05 Till Death Do Us Part
Air ambulance used to take Walker to hospital when he is badly injured.
Registration N144CF (now on an Agusta A-109), c/n 47535.

Reg. N144CF Bell 222UT of CareFlite.
Reg. N144CF Bell 222UT of CareFlite.
Reg. N144CF Bell 222UT of CareFlite.

Bell 206 JetRanger III

Ep.3.06 Rainbow Warrior
The villain Tate Bodie uses this helicopter to search for Walker and his friend Billy Gray Wolf.
Registration N57Z. Serial 3016.

WTR 2.06 JetR.jpg
WTR 2.06 JetR 2.jpg
WTR 2.06 JetR 3.jpg
WTR 2.06 JetR 4.jpg
WTR 2.06 JetR 5.jpg

Gates Learjet 25B

Ep.3.06 Rainbow Warrior
Private Jet used by some colleagues Bodie calls in to help him hunt down Billy Gray Wolf.
Registration N350JH. Serial 200.

WTR 3.06 Learjet.jpg
WTR 3.06 Learjet 2.jpg
WTR 3.06 Learjet 3.jpg
WTR 3.06 Learjet 4.jpg
WTR 3.06 Learjet 5.jpg

Bell UH-1 Huey

Ep.3.07 The Road to Black Bayou
A drug dealer uses this helicopter to make deliveries to the US. Walker jumps on board as he tries to get away and fights him. When he falls out of the chopper Walker has flashbacks to his time in Vietnam.

WTR 3.07 Huey.jpg
WTR 3.07 Huey 2.jpg
WTR 2.07 Huey 3.jpg
WTR 3.07 Huey 4.jpg
WTR 3.07 Huey 5.jpg

British Aerospace BAe 146

Ep.3.10 Tiger's Eye

WTR 3.10 Un.jpg

Boeing 727-200

Ep.3.11 The Big Bingo Bamboozle

WTR 3.11 Un.jpg
WTR 3.11 Un 2.jpg

Cessna R172K Hawk XP

Ep.3.16 Trust No One
First encountered when it is used to transport drug money early on in the episode the aircraft is used again later on when Walker uses it to pursue the villain performing a number of spectacular maneuvers along the way.
Registration N7362K and construction number R172-2064.

WTR 3.17 172.jpg
WTR 3.17 172 2.jpg
WTR 3.17 172 3.jpg
WTR 3.17 172 4.jpg
WTR 3.17 172 5.jpg

Cessna 150/152

Ep.3.16 Trust No One

WTR 3.17 Ce150.jpg

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Ep.3.16 Trust No One
The second aircraft used to courier drug money in this episode. Partial registration N3114.

WTR 3.17 3 Ce.jpg
WTR 3.17 3 Ce 2.jpg
WTR 3.17 3 Ce 3.jpg
WTR 3.17 3 Ce 4.jpg

Antonov An-2

Ep.3.19 Case Closed
The bad guys leave in this plane and Walker manages to sneak aboard. Following a gunfight on board the plane catches fire but Walker manages to parachute to safety before it explodes.
Registration N7052N and C/N 1G20339.

WTR 3.20 AN-2.jpg
WTR 3.20 AN-2 2.jpg
WTR 3.20 AN-2 3.jpg
WTR 3.20 AN-2 4.jpg
WTR 3.20 AN-2 5.jpg

Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe

Ep.3.19 Case Closed
Seen flying above the military base when Walker is infiltrating it.

WTR 3.20 CH-54.jpg

Cessna 150J

Ep.3.19 Case Closed
Walker investigates the crash of this plane.
Registration N5563G and serial 150-71063.

WTR 3.20 N5563G.jpg

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