War Thunder (Italy)

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For other nations, see War Thunder.

War Thunder cover art.

Video Game (2012)

A next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. The player takes part in many of the major battles, fighting with other players all over the world.

Note: This is a Video Game. Aircraft portrayed in this production may not be entirely accurate or represent an actual aircraft, however, where a reasonable depiction of an actual aircraft has been created, it has been identified as best as possible.

Breda Ba.65 (K.14) L

Shot 2017.10.24 13.40.32.jpg

Breda Ba.88 (P.XI)

Shot 2017.10.24 13.41.33.jpg

CANT Z.1007 bis serie 3

Shot 2017.10.24 13.44.38.jpg

CANT Z.1007 bis serie 5

Shot 2017.10.24 13.44.52.jpg

Fiat BR.20 DR

Shot 2017.10.24 13.42.48.jpg

Fiat CR.32

Shot 2017.10.24 13.33.52.jpg

Fiat CR.32 quater

Shot 2017.10.24 13.34.21.jpg

Fiat CR.32 bis

Shot 2017.10.24 13.46.38.jpg

Fiat CR.42 Falco

Shot 2015.01.14 14.47.12.jpg

Fiat CR.42CN Falco

In a livery used by Italian ace Luciano Marcolin.

Shot 2015.01.14 15.10.30.jpg

Fiat G.50 II Series

Shot 2015.01.14 14.47.28.jpg

Fiat G.50 7AS

Shot 2015.01.14 14.47.43.jpg

Fiat G.55 sottoserie 0

Shot 2017.10.24 13.39.00.jpg

Fiat G.55 serie 1

Shot 2017.10.24 13.39.12.jpg

Fiat G.55S

Shot 2017.10.24 13.47.04.jpg

Fiat G.56

Shot 2017.10.24 13.39.51.jpg

Fiat G.91 pre-serie

Shot 2017.10.24 13.40.06.jpg

Fiat G.91R/1

Shot 2017.10.24 13.40.17.jpg

Fiat G.91R/4

Shot 2019.03.12 17.01.39.jpg

Fiat G.91YS

Shot 2019.03.12 17.01.30.jpg


Shot 2018.07.30 22.25.17.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 D-3 Stuka

Shot 2018.12.27 03.39.51.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 R-2 Stuka

Shot 2018.12.27 03.39.42.jpg

Macchi M.C.200 Saetta Series 3

Shot 2015.01.14 14.47.58.jpg

Macchi M.C.200 Saetta Series 7

Shot 2015.01.14 14.50.36.jpg

Macchi C.202 Folgore

Shot 2015.01.14 14.50.53.jpg

Macchi C.202EC Folgore

Shot 2017.10.24 13.37.45.jpg

Macchi C.205 serie 1

Shot 2017.10.24 13.38.14.jpg

Macchi C.205 serie 3

Shot 2017.10.24 13.38.26.jpg

Macchi C.205N-2

Shot 2017.10.24 13.39.24.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-14/AS

Shot 2017.10.24 13.39.41.jpg

Piaggio P.108A serie 2

Shot 2017.10.24 13.42.03.jpg

Piaggio P.108B serie 1

Shot 2017.10.24 13.45.07.jpg

Piaggio P.108B serie 2

Shot 2017.10.24 13.45.24.jpg

Reggiane Re.2000 serie 1

Shot 2018.07.30 22.24.34.jpg

Reggiane Re.2000 G.A.

Shot 2018.07.30 22.24.46.jpg

Reggiane Re.2001 serie 1

Shot 2018.12.27 03.37.39.jpg

Reggiane Re.2001 CB

Shot 2018.12.27 03.39.03.jpg

Reggiane Re.2001 CN

Shot 2018.12.27 03.39.25.jpg

Reggiane Re.2002 Early

Shot 2019.05.29 17.03.41.jpg

Republic F-84G-21-RE Thunderjet

Shot 2017.10.24 13.42.17.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.79 serie 1

Shot 2017.10.24 13.43.20.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.79 serie 8

Shot 2017.10.24 13.43.33.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.79 AS

Shot 2017.10.24 13.43.47.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.79 bis/T.M

Shot 2017.10.24 13.43.58.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.79B

Shot 2017.10.24 13.44.09.jpg

Savoia Marchetti SM.81

Shot 2017.10.24 13.42.35.jpg

Savoia-Marchetti SM.91

Shot 2018.12.27 03.40.11.jpg

Savoia-Marchetti SM.92

Shot 2019.03.12 17.01.17.jpg

Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb/trop

Shot 2018.07.30 22.25.28.jpg

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