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Wings of Russia DVD covers.

Documentary (2009)

This page is about DVD13 to DVD18.

About the first six DVDs, please read Wings of Russia.
DVDs 7 to 12 are on Wings of Russia (page 2).

DVD 13: Helicopters. Aerial All-Road Vehicles

Note : this DVD is dedicated to worldwide helicopter history until the end of World War Two.
Otto Lilienthal ?

WofRussia13 Otto.jpg

Leonardo da Vinci's Aerial Screw

WofRussia13 LeonardoDaVinci.jpg

Wright Flyer III

Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).

WofRussia13 Wright.jpg

Mil Mi-1

WofRussia13 Mil-Mi-1.jpg

Chinese Toy (contra-rotating propeller)

As said by the narator.
French naturalist Claude Launoy think the concept and François Bienvenu built it. A demonstration flight to the French Royal Academy of Sciences was operated on 28 of April 1783.

WofRussia13 chinese toy.jpg

Mikhail Lomonosov's Coaxial Rotor

In July 1754, Russian Mikhail Lomonosov developed a model of a small machine with a coaxial rotor and demonstrated it to the Russian Academy of Sciences. Unable to fly but lift up with the help of a counterweight.

WofRussia13 rotors Lomonossov.jpg

Yakovlev EG

In December 1947, the Yakovlev EG (or Izdeliye Sh) an experimental aircraft with coaxial rotors made its first flight. The program was closed in 1948 both because of some technical problems and due to the appearance of a more successful model of light helicopter, the Mil Mi-1.

WofRussia13 Yakovlev M-11FR-1 Typ Sh.jpg

Various Unsuccessful Project

Human energy is insufficient to propel these (unidentified) machines.

WofRussia13 what02.jpg
WofRussia13 what03.jpg

Gray Goose

Unsucccessful prototype by Jonathan Edward Caldwell.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft ( (Others) - Human Powered Flight / Ornithopter section.

WofRussia13 GrayGoose.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

A steam engine unable to provide enough energy to lift up.

WofRussia13 what04.jpg

Douhéret Hélicoplane

WofRussia13 Douhéret-Hélicoplane.jpg

Pitts Sky Car

WofRussia13 Pitts SkyCar.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

WofRussia13 what05.jpg
WofRussia13 what06.jpg

Breguet-Richet Gyroplane

The Breguet-Richet Gyroplane was an early French experimental quadcopter rotary-wing aircraft developed by Breguet Aviation in 1907.

WofRussia13 Breguet-Richet Gyroplane.jpg

Paul Cornu Helicopter

13 November 1907 : the first successful helicopter to lift off by its only power and rotor. Two 20-foot (6-meter) counter-rotating rotors driven by a 24-hp (18-kW) Antoinette engine lifted its inventor to about five feet (1.5 meters) and remained aloft one minute. Other source gives only one foot (30 cm) of freee space under the wheels.

WofRussia13 Cornu helicoptere.jpg

Igor Sikorsky Helicopter

Two designs in 1909 and 1910. Only the second one was tested and was half a success : it could lift its own weight but couldn't take off with a pilot.

WofRussia13 Sikorsky 1910.jpg

Blériot XI

WofRussia13 Bleriot XI.jpg

Karman-Zuroves PKZ-1

Austria, 1918.

WofRussia13 what07.jpg

Etienne Oemichen N°7 Helicostat

WofRussia13 Oemichen hélicostat 7.jpg

Mil Mi-4

WofRussia13 Mil-Mi-4.jpg

de Bothezat Helicopter

George de Bothezat was born in 1882 in Saint Petersburg. Studies done in Berlin and graduation in 1911 at La Sorbonne (France) as Doctor of Philosophy for a study of aircraft stability (Étude de la Stabilité de l`aeroplane). 1918 : He fled the Russian Revolution and lectured at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Columbia University. Three years later, in 1921, the US Army Air Service hired de Bothezat to build a prototype helicopter. Some flights were performed in 1922.

WofRussia13 USA-1922.jpg

Berliner Experimental

1920 then 1922 : two designs by Emile and tested by his son Henry.

WofRussia13 what09.jpg
WofRussia13 what09a.jpg
WofRussia13 what08.jpg
WofRussia13 what08a.jpg

Pescara helicopter

WofRussia13 Pescara helicopter-4S.jpg

Kamov KaSkr-I Gyrocraft (1929)

the first Soviet autogyro, designed by Kamov and Skrzhinskii.

WofRussia13 KaSkr-I Gyrocraft.jpg

Cierva C.8L Autogiro

Reg. G-EBYY Cierva C.8L Autogiro (now on display at Paris Le Bourget Air and Space Museum).

WofRussia13 Cierva G-EBYY.jpg

Cierva C.30

Reg. G-ACFI Cierva C.30 c/n 1

WofRussia13 Cierva G-ACFI.jpg

Kamov KaSkr-II Gyrocraft

1930: Re-engined KASKR-I with a Gnome-Rhone Titan engine.

WofRussia13 KaSkr-II Gyrocraft.jpg

Pitcairn PCA-2

WofRussia13 Pitcairn PCA-2.jpg

Kamov TsAGI A-7

The Kamov TsAGI A-7 leading (top) a Cierva C.30 and (bottom) a Kamov KaSkr-II.

WofRussia13 Kamov parade.jpg

This is one is seen in the 1940 documentary Праздник сталинской авиации (Prazdnik stalinskoy aviatsii / public holiday of Stalin's aviation).

WofRussia13 Kamov TsAGI A-7.jpg

Yuriev TsAGI 1-EA

In 1925, Boris Yuriev was put in charge of helicopter research at the (Soviet) Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) under Mikhail Leontyevich Mil supervision.

WofRussia13 Yuriev TsAGI 1-EA.jpg
WofRussia13 Yuriev TsAGI 1-EA fly.jpg

Kamov TsAGI 11

WofRussia13 Kamov TsAGI 11.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

WofRussia13 what10.jpg

Nicolas Florine Tandem Helicopter

Born Nikolay Florin on 19 July 1891 in Batumi, Georgia, Russian Empire, Nicolas Florine was a Russian born engineer who settled in Belgium. He built the first tandem rotor helicopter in 1927. 25 October 1933 : the full scale development piloted the Belgian test pilot Robert Collin stays in the air for 9 minutes 58. Nicolas Florine passed away at Brussels (Belgium) on 21 January 1972.

WofRussia13 what11.jpg

Breguet-Dorand Gyroplane

The first flight in 1933 ended by an accident. Rebuilt in 1935, the aircraft set lots of record until 1939 (Flight duration exceeding one hour; altitude; speed -over 100 kh/m-; ...).

WofRussia13 Breguet-Dorand Gyroplane-Laboratoire.jpg

Passing in front of (left) the Bloch MB.211 prototype (the only variant with Hispano-Suiza 12Y inline engines) and (right) a Caudron Simoun.

WofRussia13 Bloch-210 Simoun.jpg

Focke-Wulf Fw 61 V2

Registration D-EKRA.

WofRussia13 Fw-61-V2 D-EKRA.jpg

Focke-Wulf Fw 61 V1

Reg. D-EBVU.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing).

seen on DVD13.


Talking about the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 but this picture is about a French (postwar) SNCASE SE.3000 : the first one has a faceted nose, the French derivative a more smooth, streamlined one.

WofRussia13 SNCASE SE-3000.jpg

Flettner Fl 282

GF+YF Flettner Fl 282 v6 W.Nr. 282000006 (sixth prototype). First flight on 11 May 1942. Last one on 10 May 1943.

WofRussia13 Flettner Fl-282 GF-YF.jpg

Flettner Fl 282 maybe the v23 airframe.

WofRussia13 Flettner Fl-282.jpg

Focke-Achgelis Fa 223

Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 hovering over an unidentified aircraft (maybe a Fieseler Fi 156 Storch).

WofRussia13 Fa-233.jpg

Consolidated B-24 Liberator

WofRussia13 B-24H.jpg

Vought-Sikorsky VS-300

Concept demonstrator.

WofRussia13 Sikorsky VS-300.jpg

The Vought-Sikorsky VS-300 fitted with floats becoming the first practical amphibious helicopter.

WofRussia13 Sikorsky VS-300 1941.jpg

Sikorsky R-4

WofRussia13 00001.jpg
Sikorsky YR-4B s/n 43-28234.

Bratukhin Helicopter

Just after the War, several variants of the same concept were built and tested. The fatal crash of one of the last model stopped any further development and eventually the Bratukhin design bureau was closed on spring 1951.

WofRussia13 00004.jpg
Oemga II.
WofRussia13 00006.jpg
Bratukhin B-5.
Bratukhin B-9.
Bratukhin B-10.
Bratukhin B-11.

Yakovlev EG

WofRussia13 00011.jpg
WofRussia13 Yak-EG.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-100

WofRussia13 Yak-100.jpg

Sikorsky H-5

WofRussia13 Siko.jpg

Mil Mi-1

Footage already seen at the beginning.

Yuriev TsAGI 1-EA

With Mikhail Leontyevich Mil on the far left.

WofRussia13 00016.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-3

WofRussia13 00017.jpg

Kamov Ka-8

WofRussia13 Ka-8.jpg

Demonstration flight (and landing !) during the Tushino Air Show, 1948. Note the (unidentified) observation balloon in the distance.

WofRussia13 Ka-8b.jpg

Kamov Ka-10

WofRussia13 Ka-10.jpg

Kaman K-125

or Kaman K-225 ?

WofRussia13 Kaman.jpg

Aeronautical Products A-1

Reg. NX1270 Aeronautical Products A-1.
The company Aeronautical Products Inc. - which normally manufactured aircraft engine parts - had two undergraduate engineers of the University of Michigan, Corwin Denny and Karl Schakel, who started design of this single-seat helicopter. Despite they soon left the Detroit factory, the work was put to an end and a first flight occured in 1943.

WofRussia13 NX1270.jpg
WofRussia13 NX1270b.jpg
WofRussia13 NX1270c.jpg

Piasecki PV-2

WofRussia13 Piasecki PV-2.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

WofRussia13 00021.jpg

Hiller XH-44

WofRussia13 Hiller XH-44.jpg

Bell 47

Bell 47D ?

WofRussia13 Bell47.jpg

Hiller Model 360

WofRussia13 Hiller360.jpg

Sikorsky H-19

WofRussia13 H-19.jpg

Piasecki HRP Rescuer

One of the 28 Piasecki HRP Rescuer built.

WofRussia13 Piasecki-HRP.jpg

Piasecki H-21

WofRussia13 Piasecki H-21.jpg

Piasecki H-16 Transporter

Two airframe built : the first one was powered by two Pratt & Whitney piston engines while the second one was duly equipped with two 2100shp Allison turboshafts.

The first prototype s/n 50-1269 Piasecki XH-16A.
The second prototype s/n 50-1270 Piasecki YH-16A. Note the Douglas DC-3 in the distance.

Kaman HH-43 Huskie

WofRussia13 Kaman HH-43.jpg
Flying in front of a Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King.
Kaman HH-43 of the USAF.

Unidentified Aircraft

Sikorsky S-61R or Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King ?

WofRussia13 00037.jpg

Westland WS-55 Whirlwind Srs.1

Reg. G-AOCZ Westland WS-55 Whirlwind Srs.1 c/n WA115.

WofRussia13 G-AOCZ.jpg

Sikorsky HRS-1

BuNo 127798 code HR-13 Sikorsky HRS-1 of Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron 161 (HMR-161). Airframe c/n 55032 delivered to US Marine Corps in June 1951. A first (light ?) crash after taking off from K-18 in Korea on 21 January 1952. 12 February 1953 : Crashed into water 25 miles South of Pusan during rendezvous with aircraft carrier.

WofRussia13 127798.jpg

Sikorsky H-34

WofRussia13 H-34.jpg

Mil Mi-1

WofRussia13 00007.jpg
WofRussia13 00008.jpg

Firing anti tank missile during army trial:

WofRussia13 00009.jpg

Crop sprayer on the civil side :

WofRussia13 CropSprayer.jpg

Reg. СССР-68155 / SSSR-68155 Mil Mi-1M c/n 06801712 on service (August 1960 - September 1970) always with Aeroflot (Krasnodar, North Caucasus).

WofRussia13 SSSR-68155.jpg

... and movie star (Polosatyy reis).
Same helicopter in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing).

WofRussia13 00012.jpg

Mil Mi-4

The roomy Mil Mi-4 could accomodate a field gun or sixteen troops.

WofRussia13 00014.jpg

A dozen of the forty or so variants in service are presented. Among them...
Reg. СССР-31509 / SSSR-31509 Mil Mi-4 built in 1958 by the Aircraft Factory No. 387 (factory number: 1156, serial number: 056-11). Decommissioned on 30 April 1975 after 17 years of service with Aeroflot.

WofRussia13 CCCP-35109.jpg

Footage from the 1955 documentary Крылья Родины (Wings of the Homeland, 45 minutes) about the Moscou Tushino Air Show held on 18 August 1955. (full analysis in the coming weeks).

WofRussia13 00020.jpg

Reg. СССР-31498 / SSSR-31498 built in 1956 and decommissioned on 28 September 1976.

WofRussia13 CCCP-31698.jpg

Sikorsky VH-34D

Sikorsky VH-34D used between 1955 and 1958 as Marines One.

WofRussia13 VH-34.jpg

Mil Mi-4S

Mil Mi-4S built in the "saloon" version for the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Soviet Union: N.S.Khrushchev seen here in Kremlin, Moscow, 1959. Despite lack of evidence, should be Reg. СССР-66914 / SSSR-66914.

WofRussia13 Mi-4S.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-24

WofRussia13 Yak-24.jpg
Red Yak-24 with a blue band and code 35 (barely visible on the video).
WofRussia13 Yak-24c.jpg
Promotional movie in which the same Yak-24 is lifting up a GAZ 51 lorry lost amid the flooding of the melting snow.

Kamov Ka-15

WofRussia13 Ka-15.jpg

Kamov Ka-18

WofRussia13 Ka-18.jpg

Mil Mi-6

WofRussia13 Mi-6.jpg

Kamov Ka-22

WofRussia13 Ka-22.jpg

DVD 14: Helicopters. Workers and Soldiers.

Note : unlike DVD 13, this one is focusing only on Soviet/Russian helicopter manufacturer.

Mil Mi-8

Mil Mi-8 operating over Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plan.

WofRussia14 Mi-8 Chernobyl.jpg
WofRussia14 Mi-8 Che.jpg

Mil Mi-26

WofRussia14 Mi-26 Che.jpg

Mil Mi-4

WofRussia14 Mil Mi-4.jpg

Kamov Ka-15

WofRussia14 Ka-15.jpg

Kamov Ka-10

WofRussia14 Ka-10.jpg

Mil V6 (Mi-6 prototype)

Two prototypes built in 1957 and 1958. Both fate unknown after 1961.

WofRussia14 Mi-6-proto.jpg
Alongside a DOSAAF Mil Mi-1TU.

(background) Ilyushin Il-18 prototype and Antonov An-10.

WofRussia14 Il-18.jpg
WofRussia14 An-10.jpg

Mil Mi-1

Mil Mi-1 on the assembly line.

WofRussia14 Mi-1-AssLine.jpg

Mil Mi-6

WofRussia14 Mi-6 85.jpg
WofRussia14 Mi-6landing.jpg

Mil Mi-6PZh

Reg. СССР-06174 / SSSR-06174 Mil Mi-6PZh built in 1960. Airshow code H240 at the 27th Paris Airshow (June 1967), Aéroport de Paris-Le Bourget, France.
On 6 August 1967, she crashes near Marseilles killing her 9 crew members including Soviet Hero test pilot Captain Yuri Garnayev. See the discussion tab.
Same helicopter in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing).

With THE Kamov Ka-25K in Aeroflot markings in the distance (see below).
With a Sikorsky HH-3E in the background.

Mil Mi-6

Reg. СССР-11332 / SSSR-11332 Mil Mi-6.

WofRussia14 CCCP-11332.jpg

Kamov Ka-22

First flight in 1959; 4 prototypes built and eventually the program was abandoned in 1964.

Chased by a Mil Mi-4.
WofRussia14 Ka-22 cockpit.jpg

Kamov Ka-22 had a hold comparable in size to the Antonov An-12.

WofRussia14 Kamov22.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13

A Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13 slung under a Mil Mi-6 both wearing the Red Star (Soviet Air Force).

WofRussia14 Mig-21.jpg

Mil Mi-10

Reg. СССР-04102 / SSSR-04102, the second Mil Mi-10 prototype built in 1961.
Same helicopter in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing).

WofRussia14 CCCP-04102.jpg
WofRussia14 Mil-Mi10.jpg

Mil Mi-10K

Mil Mi-10K has shorter landing gear and a ventral gondola where a crewmember takes place with full commands during loading/unloading actions.

WofRussia14 operator.jpg
WofRussia14 Mi-10K.jpg

Reg. СССР-0412? / SSSR-0412? Mil Mi-10K (where ? -unseen digit- could be 0 to 9; these ten flying crane were all built in 1976).

WofRussia14 CCCP-0412n.jpg

Reg. RA-04127 (?) Mil Mi-10K seen in 1993 (or later) after the USSR register was abandoned.

WofRussia14 Russia.jpg

Kamov Ka-25

WofRussia14 Ka-25.jpg
WofRussia14 Ka-52F.jpg

Kamov Ka-25K

Reg. СССР-21110 / SSSR-21110 the single Kamov Ka-25K, prototype for a civilian flying crane helicopter with a gondola under a lengthened nose for controlling slung loads up to 2,000 kilograms (4,400 lb). Seen here with airshow code H243 and in Aeroflot markings at the 1967 Paris Air Show.

WofRussia14 Ka-25K.jpg

Mil V-8 (prototype)

First of the world's most-produced helicopter, the V-8 was the only one with a single AI-24 Soloviev turboshaft engine.

WofRussia14 V-8.jpg

Mil V-8A (prototype)

Reg. СССР-06181 / SSSR-06181 the second prototype fitted with two TV2-117 Isotov (now Klimov) turboshaft engines.

WofRussia14 CCCP-06181.jpg

The same helicopter now with spats wheel but still with the four-blade rotor.

WofRussia14 V-8A.jpg

Mil Mi-8P

Reg. СССР-11052 / SSSR-11052 (airshow code H242) as seen at Paris Le Bourget Air Show in 1967.

WofRussia14 CCCP-11052.jpg

Mil V-12

WofRussia14 V-12 BluePrint.jpg

Reg. СССР-21142 / SSSR-21142 Mil V-12.

WofRussia14 CCCP-21142.jpg
WofRussia14 V-12.jpg

Wearing airshow code H-833 during the 29th Paris Air Show (1971).

WofRussia14 H833.jpg

Aeritalia G.222

WofRussia14 G-222.jpg

Mil Mi-26

Reg. СССР-06141 / SSSR-06141 Mil Mi-26 with a yellow code H-351 for exhibit at the Paris Air Show (Le Bourget) in 1985. This is the first prototype СССР-21180 / SSSR-21180 built in 1977.

WofRussia14 Mi-26 851.jpg
Lifting up a Mil Mi-10K.
First takeoff on 14th December 1977.

Some of the production was ordered by the Soviet Air Force :

WofRussia14 11yellow.jpg
A Mil Mi-26 flies enroute to the Chernobyl complex, April 1986.

Mil Mi-2

One of the first airframe of the new Mi-2 built by Mil.

WofRussia14 Mi-2.jpg

A PZL-Świdnik Mi-2 of the (Soviet) DOSAAF (Добровольное общество содействия армии, авиации и флоту / Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Navy).

WofRussia14 Mi-2-DOSAAF.jpg

Kamov Ka-26

The versatile chopper Kamov Ka-26 : a single airframe with a removable passenger cabin that can make way for a cargo hold or be removed to operate as a flying crane ...

WofRussia14 Ka-26.jpg
WofRussia14 Ka-26-front.jpg
WofRussia14 Ka-26-slung.jpg
WofRussia14 Ka-26-side.jpg

... or for geological investigations.

WofRussia14 Ka-22-geo.jpg

Kaman SH-2 Seasprite

In front of the Soviet helicopter carrier Moskva (with three Hormone -NATO reporting name of the Kamov Ka-25- on the deck).

WofRussia14 SH-2.jpg

Kamov Ka-18

A Kamov Ka-18 model near the desk of Nikolai Ilyich Kamov.

WofRussia14 N-Kamov.jpg

Kamov Ka-27

WofRussia14 Ka-27R.jpg
WofRussia14 Ka-27S.jpg

Mil Mi-14

WofRussia14 Mi-14-splash.jpg
WofRussia14 Mi-14.jpg
WofRussia14 Mi-14-floats.jpg

Mil Mi-17

Reg. СССР-21187 / SSSR-21187 Mil Mi-17

WofRussia14 CCCP-21187.jpg

Mil Mi-24B

Mil Mi-24B alias Hind A for NATO.

WofRussia14 Mi-24A.jpg
WofRussia14 Mi-24A2.jpg

Bell UH-1A Iroquois

WofRussia14 UH-1A.jpg

Bell AH-1 Cobra

WofRussia14 Bell-AH-1.jpg

Mil Mi-24D

WofRussia14 Mi-24D.jpg

Mil Mi-24P

WofRussia14 Mi-24P.jpg

Mil Mi-35M

Mil Mi-35M c/n 3532584910329 Paris Air Show 1995.

WofRussia14 Mi-24V.jpg
WofRussia14 Mi-35M.jpg

Mil Mi-8

A Mil Mi-8 wearing the roundel used by the Afghan Air Force from 1983 until 1992.

WofRussia14 Afghan83-92.jpg

Kamov Ka-29

WofRussia14 Ka-29.jpg

Kamov Ka-31

WofRussia14 Ka-31.jpg

Kamov Ka-32

WofRussia14 Ka-32.jpg

Kamov Ka-32A1

WofRussia14 Ka-32A1.jpg

Mil Mi-34

27 of this light helicopter were built from the mid-1980s. Like the US counterpart Robinson helicopter, the airframe is powered by an air-cooled radial piston engine.

WofRussia14 Mi-34.jpg

This helicopter is able to perform aerobatics like this barrel roll.

WofRussia14 Mi-34-roll.jpg

PZL-Świdnik W-3 Sokół

0709 a PZL-Świdnik W-3 Sokół c/n 370709 of the Armáda České republiky (Czech Air Force) since 1996.

WofRussia14 PZL-W-3.jpg

Kamov Ka-226

WofRussia14 Ka-226.jpg

Kamov Ka-50

WofRussia14 Ka-50-024.jpg

Subject of the movie ЧЁРНАЯ АКУЛА / Black acula (1993, 1h34).

WofRussia14 Black-Acula.jpg


Mil Mi-28

WofRussia14 Mi-28.jpg
WofRussia14 Mi-28b.jpg

Kamov Ka-50 & Ilyushin Il-76

WofRussia14 Il-76.jpg

Mil Mi-28N

WofRussia14 Mi-28N.jpg

Mil Mi-28 & Antonov An-225 Mriya

WofRussia14 An-225.jpg

Mil Mi-28 & Tupolev Tu-160

WofRussia14 Tu-160.jpg

Mil Mi-28 & Ilyushin Il-96

WofRussia14 Il-96.jpg

Kamov Ka-52

WofRussia14 Ka-52.jpg

Kamov Ka-60

WofRussia14 Ka-60.jpg

Mil Mi-28N & Ilyushin Il-76

WofRussia14 Mi-28N Il-76.jpg

Mil Mi-35MV

WofRussia14 Mi-35MV.jpg

Mil Mi-24P

The six Mil Mi-24P of the Berkut (Golden Eagles), a Russian Flight Demonstration Squadron.

WofRussia14 GoldenEagles.jpg

Mil Mi-17-1V

Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department Mi-17-1V code M49-01.

WofRussia14 Mi-17-1V.jpg

Mil Mi-17

Mil Mi-17(MD?) fitted with sand filter.

WofRussia14 SandFilter.jpg

Mil Mi-8MTV-1

Reg. RA-27017 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 of Rossiya-Russian Airlines - Special Flight Squadron.

WofRussia14 RA-27017.jpg

Mil Mi-38

The first flight of the Mil Mi-38 registered RA-38011 took place on 22 of December 2003 and was still in 2009 the only one manufactured. To date (2023), only 16 of this helicopter intended as a replacement for the Mil Mi-8 and the Mi-17 have been built.
A picture of this airframe hangs on the Flying Club House's wall as seen in V nebo... za mechtoy.

WofRussia14 RA-38011.jpg

Kazan Ansat

Flying with the code 905, Kazan Ansat c/n 030901 seen performing during MAKS 2005.

WofRussia14 Ansat.jpg

Kazan Ansat-2RC

WofRussia14 Ansat-2RC.jpg

Boeing 777

WofRussia14 777.jpg

Mil Mi-26T

Reg. RA-29112 Mil Mi-26T c/n 34001212407 built in 1990; was lost on 02 December 2006 in the middle of a snow storm 100 kilometers north of Kandahar.

WofRussia14 RA-29112.jpg

DVD 15: Training and Sport Airplanes. A Road to the Sky.

(coming soon)

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