Zabriskie Point

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Zabriskie Point movie poster.

Movie (1970)

Mark Frechette (Mark)
Daria Halprin (Daria)
Rod Taylor (Lee Allen)

(Synopsis needed)

Hughes 269

ZabriskiePoint 2016-11-13-21h50m20s479.jpg

Bell 47J Ranger

Seen on the TV screen during an advertising about a new village.

ZabriskiePoint 00001.jpg

Alon A2 Aircoupe

ZabriskiePoint 00008.jpg

Learjet 25 & Cessna T210G & Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow

Reg. N942GA Learjet 25
Reg. N6835R (see next section)
Reg. N3728T Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow

ZabriskiePoint 00010.jpg

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

ZabriskiePoint 00011.jpg

Cessna T210G

Reg. N6835R christened Lilly 7, a Cessna T210G c/n T2100235 built in 1967. Sold in 1970 and became C-FQFA.

ZabriskiePoint 00009.jpg
ZabriskiePoint 00021.jpg
ZabriskiePoint 00023.jpg
ZabriskiePoint 00029.jpg

Cessna 150F

Reg. N7853F Cessna 150F c/n 15063953.

ZabriskiePoint 00026.jpg

Reg. N8698G (?) Cessna 150F c/n 15062798 built in 1966.

ZabriskiePoint 00030.jpg

De Havilland Canada CC-115 Buffalo

Tail of a De Havilland Canada CC-115 Buffalo of the Canadian Armed Forces / Forces Armées Canadiennes.

ZabriskiePoint 00031.jpg

Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow & Cessna 182F & Piper PA-32-260

Reg. N7447J Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow c/n 28R-30795 built on 1968 (at left).
Reg. N3455U Cessna 182F Skylane c/n 18254855.
Reg. N3594W Piper PA-32-260 c/n 32-490 built in 1966.

ZabriskiePoint 00032.jpg

Piper PA-32-260

ZabriskiePoint 00028.jpg

Reg. N3594W again, parked in front of an advertising orned with a Continental Airlines Boeing 707 or 720.

ZabriskiePoint 00034.jpg

Bell 47G-3B-1

Reg. N7923S Bell 47G-3B-1 s/n 6594 used by KRLA radio. Was written off following an accident in december 1979.

ZabriskiePoint 00037.jpg
ZabriskiePoint 00040.jpg

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche & Piper PA-28R-180

Probably N7131Y a 1963 Piper PA-30 (c/n 30-153) and N7447J 1968 Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow c/n 28R-30795.

ZabriskiePoint 00041.jpg

Cessna 150

A Cessna 150 of the very first series (before 1964).

ZabriskiePoint 00042.jpg

Piaggio P.166

ZabriskiePoint 00043.jpg

Various Unidentified Aircraft

Seen throughout the movie.

A low wing taking off.
Another one landing.

Shot taken from the tower of the Hawthorne Municipal Airport (IATA: HHR, ICAO: KHHR) (also known as Jack Northrop Field).

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