Zhit’ snachala: Istoriya zechki (TV Series)

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“Zhit' snachala” poster.

TV Series (2009)
Russian title: Жить сначала. История зечки
English title: To start life from scratch: a story of a female prisoner

Svetlana Bakulina (Vera Mikhailova)
Anatoly Rudenko (Aleksandr Tarasov, “Klondike”)
Nikita Zverev (Volodya)

A young woman, who lives during the times of Stalin’s Terror, is arrested and placed into Gulag.

Ilyushin Il-14P

Episode 16 :
Ilyushin Il-14P named “Sovetskiy Soyuz” (“Soviet Union”), built in 1959, registered RA-0543G (formerly YR-ILI, CCCP-61778, RA-61778, RA-02117), factory number 14803066, is one of 3 Il-14 capable of flying as of 2019. The 1973 Aeroflot livery is anachronism, as the movie is set in 1940s and 1950s. Il-14 did not enter service until 1953.

Il-14 of Aeroflot
Il-14 of Aeroflot
Il-14 of Aeroflot
Il-14 of Aeroflot
Il-14 of Aeroflot

OKB-1 Vostok Launcher

Episode 16 :
Assembly line :

Zhit-snachala 16 0316.jpg
Zhit-snachala 16 0321.jpg

Four launches which failed high in the sky of on the launch pad (about this last one, see next section).

Zhit-snachala 16 4205.jpg

OKB Yuzhnoye R-16 ICBM

The Nedelin catastrophe (24 October 1960).

Zhit-snachala 16 4222.jpg

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