Addio, Napoli!

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Addio, Napoli! movie poster.

Movie (1958)
English title : Goodbye Naples

Tamara Lees (Irene)
Andrea Checchi (Frank)
Giorgio De Lullo (Tom)
Leopoldo Valentini (Carmine)

(Synopsis needed)

Douglas C-47

AddioNapoli 03847.jpg

CANT Z.1007 bis

This is only the second entry of the CANT Z.1007 bis. The disappearance of the IMPDB forum leads us exceptionally to put here online all the shots of this plane rarely seen in cinema (IMPDB rules limited to 5 pictures per aircraft).

Piaggio P.XI RC.40 radial engine.
AddioNapoli 03928.jpg
AddioNapoli 03930.jpg
AddioNapoli 03932.jpg
AddioNapoli 03935.jpg
AddioNapoli 03942.jpg
AddioNapoli 04000.jpg
AddioNapoli 04003.jpg

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