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AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines was the new brand name given in 2003 to AeroSvit Airlines. With the onset of 2004, route expansion continued as before, and over the course of the year the number of AeroSvit-operated domestic flights across Ukraine expanded to eleven destinations. However, expansion did not just take place on the domestic market, as AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines introduced new routes from its base in Kyiv, to Beijing, Baku, Chisinau, Cairo, and St. Petersburg. In 2006, the carrier became the 85th worldwide in passing the IATA Operational Safety Audit. The airline celebrated the six-millionth passenger carried since it started operations, in October 2006. In 2007, the number of destinations in the United States increased, allowing onward travel from New York to cities such as Los Angeles and Portland. It was in the same year that AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines and Donbassaero began to build (at the initiative of their joint main shareholder Privat Group) the strategic alliance Ukrainian Aviation Group. In March 2009, Aerosvit acquired a 70-seater Antonov An-148, which was deployed on domestic routes in June. In 2011, AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines adopted the new, standard Ukrainian Aviation Group livery. In 2010, Aerosvit added a second Antonov 148 aircraft to its fleet and new routes. By 2012, the airline began to experience financial difficulties.Bankruptcy procedures began in January 2013, and in February 2013, AeroSvit Ukrainian Airlines ceased operations. Part of Aerosvit's fleet was transferred to Ukraine International Airlines.

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