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B.O.A.C-CUNARD logo.

In 1962, B.O.A.C and Cunard formed BOAC-Cunard Ltd to operate scheduled services to North America, the Caribbean and South America. B.O.A.C provided 70% of the new company's capital and eight Boeing 707s. The independent Cunard Eagle Airways, of which Cunard held a 60% shareholding, provided two more 707s.
BOAC-Cunard leased any spare capacity to B.O.A.Cs which could use it to supplement the main [[:Category: British Overseas Airways Corporation|B.O.A.C] fleet at peak demand, and in a reciprocal arrangement B.O.A.C would provide capacity to BOAC-Cunard on some operations when it had a shortfall. The effect of this arrangement was to remove competition on western routes. The operation was dissolved in 1966.

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