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Cyprus Airways (Greek: Κυπριακές Αερογραμμές Kypriakes Aerogrammes) was the flag carrier airline of Cyprus. It was established in September 1947 and ceased operations on 9 January 2015. Cyprus Airways had its operating base at Larnaca International Airport. Immediately prior to its closure, the airline regularly flew from Larnaca to 14 destinations in Europe and the Middle East. Cyprus Airways traded as Cyprus Airways (Public) Ltd and had its head offices in Nicosia. Cyprus Airways was 93% state-owned. On 9 January 2015, the European Commission ruled that a 2012–13 €65m state aid package had been in breach of EU rules and the airline was ordered to pay back the full amount. The Cypriot government revoked its operating license later on the same day. Cyprus Airways had been in financial trouble since 2009.

This page contains all films, TV series, and video games that feature aircraft of Cyprus Airways.

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