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Dan-Air logo

Dan-Air was a private, independent airline based in the United Kingdom and was a wholly owned subsidiary of London shipbroking firm Davies and Newman, started in 1953 with a single aircraft. The airline derived its name from its parent's initials, Davies, And, Newman. The company was incorporated on 21 May 1953 as Dan Air Services Limited. In the early 1960’s,the company was renamed Dan-Air-London to emphasise that this was a British rather than a Danish company, the airline's aircraft displayed the suffix "London" with the Dan-Air name on both sides of the fuselage. This convention was followed until a year before Dan-Air's takeover by British Airways, when the "London" suffix was dropped from fuselage titles. Dan-Air operated inclusive tour (IT) charter flights, regional short-haul scheduled services, transatlantic and other worldwide affinity group/Advanced Booking Charters (ABC flights), oil industry support flights and ad hoc operations including all-cargo services from London Gatwick, other British airports and Tegel Airport in West Berlin. The airline was sold to British Airways in 1992.

This page lists all films, TV series, and video games that feature aircraft of Dan-Air.

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